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The term geography was developed by a Greek theorist Eratosthenes which plainly means writing about Earth. Geography can be expressed as ‘geo’ meaning the earth and ‘graphian’ meaning to study. It focuses on understanding the surface of the earth as a whole and its association to its environment (Bunbury, 1959).

Geography being the discipline of location, envisions an observatory and panoramic analysis. It sweeps the exterior of the earth, charting the corporeal, biological and ethnic terrains, their above ground differentiation and their environmental dynamics with the human kind. And its arrangement device is the map (Jordon & Domosh, 1997).


  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography

Physical Geography:

Physical geography is the field of geography which investigates the logical processes occurring at the earth exterior that provides the physical surroundings for individual actions (Strahler, 2002).

Human Geography:

Human geography or more noble, anthropology handles with man in his geographic aspects. Again the difference is non-natural .Man more and more tames and taints environment. At the same time the biophysical surroundings circumstances human race in both organic and social aspects (Brock & Webl, 1968)

Urban Geography:

Cities across the globe are changing swiftly, governing by the forces of financial and cultural globalization and by the persuasion for ecological, economic and communal sustainability. City economies, sceneries, descriptions, habitat and communal geographies are altering as an outcome of these forces. “Urban Geography” studies the new geographic arrangements that are establishing within cities and the methods in which geographers have wanted to make perception of this urban conversion. Introducing both classic and modern strategies and perspectives of urban geography, it examines the globalization of the urbanization procedure and research in ways in which governments and institutions have responded to the ensuing challenges (Hall, 2006).

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