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Tourist require facilities when they are on vacation. They get hotel, transportation, restaurants and even a canoe paddle. Therefore, the native will build or make their facilities and they became business. Because they are business travelers who pay for the services. Large hotels, shops and clubs have been built in the area of ”Senggigi. Places give prosperity to those who work in it or even for people who are around the place. Of course, it affects the original Lombok income ‘.

Immediately after installing the new Minister and Deputy Minister in the Cabinet reshuffled on Wednesday, October 19, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono flew to Lombok to officially open the brand new Lombok International Airport on Thursday, October 10 and lay the foundation for an integrated development Chirimosh tourist resort area in southern Lombok on Friday, October 21. Present at the ceremony were Dr. series Mari Pangestu, former Minister of Trade and newly refitted as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

New Lombok International Airport is located 40 km Central Lombok. Mother south east Lombok, Mataram, and replace the old Heathrow Airport in Lombok. The new airport is 5 times bigger than Heathrow, and has a 2,750 meter runway, thus ringing in a new economic era for Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara province. At the official opening, President Yudhoyono ordered the runway to be extended again to 3000m to accommodate the new generation of wide-bodied aircraft.

Garuda Indonesia currently serves twice-daily flights from Jakarta to Lombok and Bali once a day. Other airlines serving Lombok including Lion Air, Batavia Air, Merpati Airlines, Wings Air and Trans Nusa. While SilkAir flights between Singapore and Lombok.

The next day President Yudhoyono broke ground on the beach located at Tanjung Aan Beach and Kuta Lombok, this is an area of ”1,250 hectares ready to build class accommodation and convention facilities. The president reminded everyone that in addition to attracting massive investment, tourism development should take into account, and involve the local population, as well as the values ”and respect local traditions.

This part of Central Lombok is home Sasak indigenous groups that still cling to their traditional values. Traditional Sasak village of Sade is located in the south of the new airport. The southern part of Lombok has swathes of white beaches and coves, pristine blue sea, high waves and beautiful islands. But, during the dry season, this part of the island receive little rain and lots of dry rice fields lie. It is hoped, therefore, that such resort of Nusa Dua in Bali, which would speed up the beach tourism to the island, thereby improving the lot of the locals.

Even at the groundbreaking ceremony, several investors have already pledged their interests, including Rajawali Corporation, Siamen Yijamei and Commerce Bank, says Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa.

Driven by opening new Lombok airport, some investors signed a MoU in Groundbreaking Ceremony which included an agreement with Global Land Development Authority MNC group, which aims to build a Hotel and Convention Centre and finally the Formula 1 circuit. Rahmat Gobel plans to build a hotel on 350 acres of land, complete with clean water factory. While Rajawali Group plans to build a hotel on 100 acres of land by Tanjung Aan.

MoUs have been signed to build a tourism school and nursing school.

Minister Hatta Rajasa said that the Lombok International Airport and Manadalika Integrated Resort is an important part to continue to develop Bali and West Nusa Tenggara Timur province and Tourism and Food Security in the master plan of the Indonesian economy accelerated.

Located immediately east of the island of Bali, Lombok already known in the world as a most attractive island with sweeping white sand beaches and towering Mount Rinjani in the background. The original sea suitable for diving and surfing. Lombok pearl culture produces the best, most sought after South Sea pearls. Already Senggigi Beach and opposite the small island called Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air is a tourist visitors in droves.

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