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Raintown is an unique name given for Taiping. The reason is because Taiping is famous for its rains and the local people lovingly called this wet and rainy town. I’m still remember about Maxwell Hill when I’m studied it . It’s an enjoyable and an adventure place where the surrounding is greenish figure, fauna and flourish, waterfalls slithering over the slopes where the twists and turns in ascent and descent, never failed surprise our self with a place of wonder, beauty and absolute peaceful, and also untroubled. In the early morning and after a heavy rainfall, a white and cushy blanket of heavy clouds hangs over the sunshade. It’s can be prompted a hill station like Simla in India. Maxwell Hill is best choice for simple honeymoon, an inexpensive romantic weekend, a simple and peaceful recreation and even it’s a day trip to escape from heat and humility in lowland tropical.
I was wondering quietly when a constantly changing scene snapped me back into reality. Things change drastically over time especially in the tropics. Maxwell Hill founded in 1884 by William Edward Maxwell, the British Assistant Resident of Perak. It’s situated at an elevation of 1250 meters above sea level and it’s can be considered as the wettest place in Malaysia with yearly rainfall over 500cm. The temperature of Maxwell Hill floated around 15 degrees centigrade in the early morning and its will dropped to 10 degrees centigrade at night.
Unlike the hills that are more advanced in Malaysia, Maxwell Hill has remained its attractive after years ago, therefore it’s a low impact on tourism. The cool weather is a guide for to many visitor who mostly love nature and birdwatchers. Resort of Maxwell Hill was surrounded by untouched beauty, decorated with flowers, birds and tree fern. Its located close to the bridge that leads to watch a tower where one can have a lovely view of Taiping. Apart from the telecommunications tower on Mount Cottage Green, where it stands, there are not a lot of progress. This makes Maxwell Hill best-preserved hill station in Malaysia, in my opinion. It’s wonderful to living a life that era subdivision, sacrifices and great love and war, and life.
In the yearly years, the road was rougher track. There are only choices of walking, taking a pony trek or being carried up in a ‘mountain chair’ and these ‘mountain chairs’ were only made available in the early years. For now days it’s only available by two methods which is by the government – owned four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle’s or by foot. Vehicle’s that prohibited from going up the hill is vehicle’s without permit. This is because is of its dangerous rock face for drivers without experienced. The journey, 13 km from the foothill to the top of Maxwell hill using the 4WD takes around 30 minutes. However, people are free to walk or hike through the many hiking trails up the hill, which can take up to three to five hours, depending on our stamina and ability.A return journey up Maxwell Hill will costs RM6 for adults and RM3 for children. Only tickets on the same day are sold and pre-reservation is not available. The ticket will sold at the ticket counter located at the foothill However, it is advisable that you go about thirty minutes before it’s opened because the tickets get snapped up really fast, and even more so during the school holiday season. However, the operation schedule may change according to the weather condition and safety considerations.

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