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Essay: Rising demand for property in India

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With the introduction of new government policies and the favorable budget for the betterment of the Indian real estate sector, a rise in the demand for property across the country has been commonly noticed especially in Delhi and the National capital Regions. More funds are allocated for affordable housing, REITs implementation, easing of FDI norms, extra care for infrastructure developments, etc. are some of the appreciating efforts undertaken by the government in order to boost the economic growth and development of real estate sector of India.

Understanding the importance of real estate sector, its growth and major contribution in the overall development of the country, a noticeable improvement can be witness especially in the real estate market of Delhi and NCR. Cities like Gurgaon and Noida has become a one stop solution for all property needs of potential investors and buyers looking for both residential or commercial properties in Delhi NCR. These cities are developing at a faster pace and are offering more opportunities to all those looking for real estate investment in the capatial or other regions connected to it. In the last few decades, Nodia and Gurgaon has become two of the fastest growing cities sharing proximity to the capital Delhi and allowing people to enjoy almost a similar pleasure of living in the capital state of the country.

The constant growth and expansion of these two areas are making them more demand able options property buyers from across the country as well as foreign countries. In addition to the current development, these two famous National Capital Regions yet offering opportunities for future real estate growth. They are set as an ideal place for different sets of investors and buyers with varied preferences and the budget. Right from the budget, standard to luxury homes and work spaces, these cities are blessed with all sorts of options buyers are seeking for in order to have better future benefits.

Looking at the latest demand trends of Noida and Gurgaon real estate market, many famous and reputed builders have already made their way in these two booming cities of North India. While Sohna district is a major development in Gurgaon, Nodia Extension and Greater Noida regions are the highlighting parts of the Noida real estate market. A massive construction can be witnessed in these popular areas of the cities, allowing builders and buyers to get into the cities with the residential and commercial spaces of their own.

Currently, one of the newly launched residential project of Amrapali Group in Noida Extension is grabbing attention and interest of lots of potential buyers from across the country as well as the world. Amrapali Group, one of the household names in the Indian real estate, has recently launched its new residential development project, ‘Amrapali Courtyard’. The township under the proposed project offers well designed 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. The total area of the project is 75 acres and comprise of all kinds of modern comforts and facilities in order to offer a luxury living experience to the residents. The best things about the project is its affordable prices. Investing in Amrapali Courtyard is worth for all those looking for spacious apartments with all possible modern facilities.

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