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The Keystone ACO is committed to focusing on better preventative services measures. One of the biggest goals of the ACO is to focus on early intervention of illnesses before they become chronic. This in turn reduces futures medical costs which is important for Medicare recipients. Better coordination of care results in reduced medical error rates, and healthier consumers. ACO works directly with primary care physicians to report and track patients quality measures, better than it if was just left to the physicians themselves (Reed, 2016)

Geisinger is the leading participator in the ACO under keystone. Its success is largely based on the population itself. GHS is the largest of the other mentioned organizations; therefore this is mainly why their numbers are the highest (Reed, 2016).

Patient Centered Medical Homes are also helping to improve patient care. Along with the ACO, PCMH’s try to advance patient care in order to have the most positive experience possible. Through consulting with the following groups; primary/specialty providers, family members, and the patient themselves, PCMH’s aim to provide the best possible care. As described multiple times, Geisinger is most proud of their ProvenHealth Navigator®. Medicare patients have had nothing but success with this program since its implementation. The ProvenHealth Navigator® is an exemplary model that has proven itself over the last few years to work (Maeng et al. 2015).

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