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In Nigeria today the issue of buildings collapse is disturbing, this problem has been frequent for the past few years. Over two hundred cases of buildings collapse have been recorded within the past fifteen years all across Nigeria, just recently in September 2014 a new constructed building not older than two years collapsed in the city of Lagos Nigeria claiming lives of over 150 South Africans and over 50 Nigerians. The economic significance of this casualty to the nation in terms of lives and property has been of great financial loss to the construction and real estate industry, the effect of this disaster to Nigeria as a Nation is not limited to the economic factors alone but also have a social impact on the urban fabric of the environment (Onyemachi, 2005).

The issue of buildings collapse has become a general concern to people all around Nigeria (Ayedun ,2012). For some times now, scholars all around the globe have been carrying out investigation and suggesting recommendation in order to find solutions to various related disaster in many parts of the world . Investigation has shown that they are three major causes of building collapse. The first cause is by natural disaster, an example is the occurrence of earth quake, tsunami, hurricane, landslide, volcanicity etc. The second cause is a man-made factor which could be a negligence by property owners, poor construction method, poor design, involvement of non-professional, poor supervisions, substandard material, corruption, un approved building plans etc. The third cause is by a debilitated building. So far the only cases of natural disasters attributed to the causes of building collapse in Nigeria is rainstorm, other causes have always been recorded as a result of man-made disaster (Amadi, Eze, Igwe, Okunola & Okoye, 2012).

Rotimi (2012) states that Collapse of building has a negative significance on sustainable development in Nigeria. One of the main source or element of economic increase is capital accumulation, capital accumulation refers to the growth in capital stock of a nation ,which may be derive from any or a combination of the following asset – new buildings ,factories and industries, machinery and equipment, which makes it possible for outstanding national input to be realized. The occurrence of the collapse in Nigeria is an economic waste which has a negative impact to the development of Nigeria.

A nations growth is mostly measured by the stability of the construction and building industry of its economy (Ayuba, 2012).


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