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Rishikesh won the title of capital rafting in India. It is a preferred destination for all adventure lovers and rafting along the mighty Ganges every adventure enthusiast’s dream. You must not know how to swim, and no previous rafting experience is necessary.

Only a few rivers in the world have the mystique of the Ganges, the mother to be the goddess of India. Rafting in the water of wisdom is definitely an unusual experience. Enjoy and explore the experience of existing in an appointment with Mother Ganges. Their first meeting will be the start of an addiction.

The main sporting activity is Rafting in Rishikesh. It has become a much loved and adventurous place to the rafters as the plaza offers a breathtaking experience average of breath really hard and bumpy in parts of the rapids of the Ganges River. Many adventurous tourists from world travel to this place to knowledge the real challenges of rafting.

Rafting in Rishikesh, the ancient city of temples and ashrams is well known for a miscellany of matters. I know the serene and majestic Ganges, Ghat, ritual prayers and ceremonies, yoga schools and meditation centers spiky, which is where everyone can easily go through the car and miss everything.

Rishikesh is famous for Laxman Jhool and Ram Jhoola (Bridge), which are two suspension bridges linking the city to the road along the Ganges. Bridges are about 550-600 meters and a beautiful sight, yes. Cutting through the bridge, you can feel vibrations and sway in the twist.

Our travel advisors and have designed these assemblies were keeping your budget and interest components in software systems in mind. The turns are so loaded down that there are adventurous and fun and a great holiday experience.

If you have questions about these packages, you can send a request or call us now.

18. Jungle Camp

Get great camping experience and rafting in Rishikesh with the natural and beautiful stay near the Ganges to the beach camp of the holy river. To heighten your stay and make it wonderful, the tents are decorated to provide a pleasant stop. Each magazine can hold two beds which are used on the bank raft beach tents Shivpuri Beach Camp, school Kaudiyala beach camp, Luxury Jungle Camp, Jungle Camp, summer camp, etc. Healthy food is done, which is cooked in the tent in the kitchen and dished out hot. As stores are near Ganga and electricity is available in these shops. For all those who love sport and adventure, there is an opportunity that only they would lose.

Rishikesh represents the Himalayan gateway in the area of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. It abounds in natural splendor. The display of the Ganga rushing during the Himalayan foothills is an awesome view. Rishikesh is at present a year-round destination. Pilgrimage, yoga, meditation, white rafting camps, safari in national parks, hiking, and so on
In the jungle camps can find the proper space for leisure activities. Jungle camp in Rishikesh is located near the river in the timberland area; the jungle encampment of the camp is easily dressed and easily placed. In the cantonment of the hobo camp, you can carry your meals in buffet system.

‘ In the evening you can enjoy a campfire and a campfire.

‘ All characters of games can be role-played here.

‘ Electricity is also used in the jungle camps.

Our Jungle Camp Facilities:

Special welcome drink on arrival.

Accommodation Double or triple sharing basis for action in the jungle camps.

Secure bathrooms inside or outside of each clique.

The three meals (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner).

Nature walk, hiking Water Fall

Morning coffee & Afternoon tea
Parking facility is also available.
Doctor and nurse on call.
The Jungle Camp aims to help customers rafting, adventure, cultural activities and expeditions.
19. Camp/Tent in Rishikesh
The happiness of camping in Rishikesh invites fans of adventure and tourists from all over the world. Recognized as the capital of India, rafting, the Himalayan town of Rishikesh has abundant natural riches. Cabin proves to be the most tremendous for those wishing to break away the troubles and fights everyday life and reconnect with the option of nature. Camping, for your visit to Rishikesh, no fine arrangement luxury camps. The luxury tents at the camp have all the luxury basic amenities. The facilities and services provided in the areas in Rishikesh create an atmosphere of luxury and ease.
The sight of the stacks of the Himalayas and the sun shining add much to the overall beauty. Moreover, the Ganges waters flow theologians before you. A starry night in the campsite seems to be an unforgettable experience for travelers. Travelers can spend quality time with family and a friend under the stars as the moon continues to shine in the river. Sitting round the campfire, share narratives and personal experiences, enjoy the scenery and relish a scrumptious dinner with your group.
Savor the beauty and natural living near Ganges in the installation camp / tent provided by us. To heighten your stay and make it wonderful, the tents were decorated to offer a pleasant stop. Each tent can hold two beds which are available in Riverside tents / Beach Rafting camp as river rafting Rishikesh Camp. Nutritious food is served, which is cooked in the tent in the kitchen and served steaming. As stores are near Ganges no electricity available in these storehouses. Although, flashlights are provided. For all those who love sport and adventure, there is an opportunity that only they would lose.
If you plan a trip to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand soon, remember to reserve your accommodation in one of these luxury camps.

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