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Essay: Facts on Surrogacy

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Surrogacy is a highly specialized process that leads to simpler biological birth of surrogacy baby.
The infertility condition may mandate the use of gamete donor, at sperm cell donation & egg donation in surrogacy. This can lead to confusion in Intended parents and acceptance, at this reality is disheartening for most couples. The persuasive counseling by coordinating GP, builds up IPs confidence at cognitive behavior and medical ethics involved in surrogacy.
At advanced maternal age, the success rates, with IVF diminish, as there is a decrease in number of mature oocyte, beyond 35 years. There is a higher risk of genetic abnormality in fertilized embryos on account of decrease in mitochondrial quality and this can lead to miscarriage of fertilized embryo. The risk associated with change in number of chromosome increases with advancing maternal age.
Significant corollary from this discussion, means, that the success of IVF depends upon the age of oocyte, extracted from carrier or egg donor; and not on the age of uterus, where embryo is implanted in IVF process.
Surrogacy, is favored by most couple, in comparision to adoption, since surrogacy, bring a fresh life to their world.
The commercial surrogacy entails a fee to surrogates that is utilized by surrogate, to meet family requirement and improving child education or absolving debt condition.
There is a blanket ban at surrogacy in different countries including Italy, Thailand. International laws, in European countries, UK, Belgium, Australia, Spain and China forbid the use of commercial surrogate and favour altruist form of surrogacy arrangement in IVF treatment. There is restriction at few aspects of surrogacy, in countries United States, France and Germany.
The surrogate is selected from the medically screened surrogate profile, at different health conditions, a zero instance of blood transfusion in last six months, and genetic disorders including Thallesemia.
There is a difference in number of embryos that can be implanted by IVF procedure in surrogate womb. The Indian regulations permit an implant of a maximum of five embryos in a single attempt to create surrogacy baby. The UK laws on the other hand permit implant of a max of two embryos in a single attempt at IVF surrogacy.
Indian laws permit immediate transfer of parenting right to Intended parents by the gestational surrogate, at the birth of surrogacy baby.
Legal guidance on Surrogacy registration with competent authority FFRO/FRO, Grant of medical visa or surrogacy visa, surrogacy regulation, contract based at legal regulation, and completion or closure steps of surrogacy process, at successful birth of the surrogacy child, is most crucial requirement at surrogacy.

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