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Essay: Minds united for health sciences and humanity

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1. To Promote Health Sciences among Public by all possible means that includes education, prevention, early identification, specific cost-effective treatment strategies and research
2. To Promote Humanity among Public by all possible means that includes creating awareness, encouraging research & use of specific strategies for propagation and incorporation of human values in all possible scenarios of everyday life.
With respect to the 2nd Objective, I propose the following project to be held in a school in Bangalore in the month of June. The same shall be done in phases for a period of 6 ‘ 8 months in the same school.
It’s my humble request to all of you to kindly add your suggestions for the following proposed plan and do the needful.
1. Step 1: To identify a school with students in the high school section, and speak to the principal regarding our trust and the work which we intend to do. We need to request them to spare around 1 -2 hrs of time every month for this program to be done in the school campus. We also need to request to let the teachers get involved in the program.
2. Step 2: To speak to the teachers along with the principal regarding the various issues they are facing with the children, For Eg: Children with nutrition deficiency, poor hygiene, degraded human values in the children due to their socioeconomic & house conditions.
3. Step 3: Speak to children ‘ the program itself begins from this step, Step 1 & Step 2 are preliminary work up periods, which may take about a week to accomplish.
4. Step 4: During the process of working with children, we need to attract them by starting of with a group activity, which shall bring out the due concept for the day. As children are always restless, we need to start the program with a prayer (by the school student) to invoke the divine help in our good work, followed by Silent Sitting along with a visualization exercise which will help the children to concentrate during the group activity as well in our talks that we are going to have with them.
5. Step 5: Group activity can be a simple or complex one, each ought to be planned adequately to bring out the concept for the day. The students should be able to pick up the concept and we only ought to be facilitators. While performing the group activity, the students can be encouraged to write a poem, a short essay, enact a role play, monoacting or sing a song related to the concept. Children learn better when we play and learn’.
6. Step 6: A game can be planned also along with the group activity.
7. Step 7: End the session with another silent sitting and re-emphasize on the topic spoken.
Some of the indoor or outdoor games that can be planned are as follows:
a) Make a web using woolen thread and give the children the concept for the day. While forming the web, the woolen ball is thrown from one child’s hand to a child standing opposite to it and the child receiving the ball is asked a question by the child throwing the woolen ball/ we can prepare a set of questions and ask the child to pick it up and ask the same. The questions will be related to the concept. This will help us know as to how much the child knows and what we may need to add to this.
b) Play PICK & SPEAK ‘ some simple topics related to the concepts. This will let us know the child’s viewpoint too.
c) Form a human chain by making the children stand in a circle and hold each other’s hands and stress about co-operativity.
d) Make 2 teams and we can ask them write an essay, have a quiz, small cross word puzzle, yes/no questions, word building etc.. on the related topic.
e) Blind fold one child and ask another child to guide the blindfolded one.
f) Games to enhance concentration such as to tell the alphabets in order from A to Z and when the child’s name starts with that alphabet, the child ought to say ram-ram etc, use of number games, show them a set of things and give them a minute to write down all the things shown to them etc..
g) Drawing/colouring/painting etc can be planned.
h) Origami
i) Paper cuttings/Craft also makes students interested to listen to you.
Activities to be chosen are to be based on the age group involved and the concept chosen. Kindly add any more activities that you all can recall that you played as a child.
We can assess the student’s performance by letting the teachers get involved in all these activities. We need to do a preplanning by talking to the teachers even prior to the session with students. We need to give them sweets/chocolates when we go to the school each time. The winners ought to be compensated in appropriate manner with either books or articles which might be required in the school, like geometry box, pen, pencil, eraser, scale etc’
This is just one of the examples used for visualization exercise which I have down loaded from the website. We can formulate our own visualization exercise which again can be related to the concept that we will be choosing for the day.
Read the following slowly, pausing at the dots. ‘One way to be peaceful is to be silent inside. For a few moments, think of the stars and imagine yourselves to be just like them. They are so beautiful in the sky, and they sparkle and shine. They are so quiet and peaceful. Let the body be still . . . Relax your toes and legs . . . Relax your stomach . . . and your shoulders . . . Relax your arms . . . and your face . . . Let the feeling of being safe emerge . . . and a soft light of peace surround you . . . Inside you are like a beautiful little star . . . You, the tiny star inside, are full of peaceful light . . . This light is soft and safe . . . Relax into that light of peace and love . . . Let the self be still and peaceful inside . . . You are focused . . . concentrated . . . Whenever you want to feel peaceful inside, you can become still . . . content . . . a star of peace.’

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