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  • National Organization for Rare Disorders
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This is the leading, independent nonprofit organization committed to the identification, treatment and cures of rare diseases. There are market segments that provide the opportunity for the organization growth. Market segmentation is the process of excruciating customers, or latent customers, in a market into different groups, within which customers have a similar level of interest in the same or equivalent set of needs gratified by a distinct marketing proposition. These market segments favoring the growth of organization meet the requirement such as identifiable, substantial, accessible and stable.
The segments are identifiable indicating that they are different from one another. The organization uses different groups such as children and patients that have common rare disorder due to diversity. These groups are identifiable. The organization growth is promoted through these groups. National Organization for Rare Disorders have segmented their market based on services and product they offer, demographics, geographically, profession, lifestyle and interest. The segments are Rare Disease Clinical Research network, patient assistance program and patient and family program.
Rare Disease Clinical Research aims at contributing to the treatment and research of rare diseases by functioning together to identify biomarkers for activity and severity, clinical outcome and disease risk while also advocating for the development of new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The segment consists of group of professionals who do the research.
Patient assistance program is a segment that provides help to patients to obtain life-sustaining or life-saving medication they could not then afford. These programs provide medication, financial aid with insurance dividends and co-pays, travel assistance and diagnostic testing help for clinical trials or meeting with disease specialists.
Patient and family segment helps the organization to group the patients according to age, type of disease and the severity of the disease.
Other market segment in the organization have hindered the growth and expansion of the organization. These market segment include specific service offered. The organization only deals with rare diseases thus they don’t reach patients with other diseases which is potential area for growth. Use of Independent Physicians Associations which is an self-governing group of physicians and other health-care providers that are contracted by the organization to provide services to members of diverse HMOs, is so expensive thus stagnating the growth of the organization.

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