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Introduction to Advance Nursing Theory – B. Nueman
1. Find an example of a nursing theory in a current book or periodical. Print a copy of the article and bring it to class and submit it to your professor. Below, give the complete citation for your selected example in correct APA format. (2 points)
Blais, K. K., Hayes, J. S., Kozier, B., & Erb, G. (2006). Professional Nursing Practice (Fifth ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pretence Hall.
2. Review the theory and classify it based on scope or level of abstraction (grand theory, middle range or practice theory). Defend your classification by giving three reasons for your choice. (3 points each; 1 point each)
A. Grand Theory:
1. The Grand theory defines a broad perspectives for practice and ways of looking at nursing phenomena based on human experience and response. Betty Nueman Model can be viewed from this perspective as she views the person an open system, with a central core of energy resources which include: physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual surrounded by lines of resistance.
2. Grand theory provides global viewpoints for nursing practice, education, and research. Betty Neuman’s model has been accepted in several nursing communities nationally and internationally because of her perspective involving individuals families, groups and communities. Her model has contributed to nursing education, research and evidence based nursing practice.
3. Like the grand theory, Neuman’s model can be a relatively abstract concept as she describes lines of resistance as internal factors that defend against stressors. The inner line of defense or normal line of defense represents equilibrium or a state of adaptation. The flexible line of defense is altered over a short period of time and serves as a buffer. She defines stressors as internal, interpersonal, extrapersonal and created and how nursing intervene to maintain stability is by Primary, Secondary and Tertiary prevention.
3.What is the purpose of the theory? [Check (X) one answer]. Explain your answer below in one paragraph. (3 points).
Describe Explain X Predict ___ Control ____
The purpose is to maintain wellness by protection from stressor using the three major prevention modalities; primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Health is defined on a continuum with wellness and illness at opposite ends with the goal of optimal health for each individual. A state of balance or homeostasis is the goal of nursing.
4.What is the source of the discipline in which the theory was developed? Explain your answer in one paragraph. (2 points)
Betty Neuman’s System Model theory was influenced by the General System Theory, The Gestalt Theory, Selye’s definition of stress and Caplan’s adaptive levels of prevention.
The General System Theory reflected the nature of living organisms as open systems in interaction with each other and with environment. The Gestalt Theory was also included and it describes homeostasis as the process by which an organism maintain equilibrium and consequently it health, under varying conditions. Selye’s defined stress as any tension producing stimuli that cause a response which can be positive or negative. Caplan adapted levels of prevention which included primary, secondary and tertiary.
Blais, K. K., Hayes, J. S., Kozier, B., & Erb, G. (2006). Professional Nursing Practice (Fifth ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pretence Hall.
McEwen, M., & Wills, E. M. (2014). Theoretical Basis for Nursing (Fourth ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters
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