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The wide spread problem of unhealthy living, inactive lifestyles, and the growing problem of obesity in the United States takes a toll on people’s lives. No matter how fit a person is, environmental factors and the natural aging process adversely affect the overall health and wellness of individuals. Americans are always searching for products to help them feel better or lose weight. The business of developing and marketing diet and wellness products is a multibillion dollar industry that many people take part in every year. I was recently introduced to an all-in-one natural, nutritional drink containing a blend of whole food concentrates that provide an excellent source of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins called Zeal. This product also has a program that aids in successful weight loss and management by helping to reduce cravings and making you feel full and satisfied.
The Zeal Wellness formula is simple to take. It is an all-in-one, natural, nutritional powder that mixes easily with your favorite beverage whether that be milk, juice, fruit smoothies, shakes, etc. or just plain old water. The formula is a blend of whole food concentrates and ionic minerals from around the world. It improves nutritional balance, boosts mental alertness and clarity, protects cells from environmental stresses, and increases energy levels to help restore one’s body to a more youthful and vibrant state. Whole food concentrates such as cranberry powder, alfalfa leaf, broccoli sprouts, aloe and other exotic super-foods combine to enrich the body with the best nutrition nature has to offer. It also contains stabilized rice bran which is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth with more than 100 antioxidants to maintain health and provide the body with more than its daily nutritional needs along with moringa oleifera, a super food with strong anti-inflammatory properties that contain more than 60 separate nutritional elements to enrich the body. To restore the body to a more youthful state, the wellness drink contains nutrients such as turmeric, red ginseng, green tea, grape seed, etc. that signals the body to produce antioxidants that help with anti-aging benefits. A strong immune system is crucial for a healthy life. A combination of ingredients help to protect the body from common environmental stressors and to promote digestive health. Wellness contains more than 80 different trace minerals to deliver nutrients such as aloe, goji berry, acai berry, noni fruit. It would take up to 56 supplements in pill form to deliver the amount of nutrition one six ounce Zeal Wellness drink contains. Zeal is designed to enrich, restore, and protect the body.
The weight management portion of the program starts with the wellness drink above because balanced nutrition is essential to good health, high energy levels and successful weight loss and maintenance. A team of medical doctors, formulators and scientists developed the weight management portion that accompanies this product to contain all the necessary components needed to succeed. Zeal protein shakes come in vanilla and chocolate and taste amazing. They are loaded with 26 vitamins and minerals to keep energy levels high and makes it easier to make healthier choices because of being full and satisfied. The protein can be mixed with water for a delicious 100-calorie snack or milk can be added to make it a meal replacement. They can be blended with fruit or any other thing that you like. To boost performance the program includes a thermogenic fat burner, Zeal Burn, that jump starts weight loss by firing up the body’s system to burn fat, increase lean muscle and fire up the metabolism to burn calories. To lose weight it is very important that the digestive system works properly so the program also includes Zeal Cleanse to help your body detoxify. It is an herbal, probiotic that restores the digestive system to a healthy state. Losing and maintaining weight can be achieved by taking the weight management program for fast results and long term effects.
People from all walks of life have tried this product and achieved amazing results. This product does not claim to cure or rid any person of disease, but personal testimonials are reassuring to the effectiveness of this product. I personally know several people who take the Zeal Wellness and have had amazing results. For one, my papa has been on diabetes medication for years. Over the years he had been increased to taking three different medicines every day to control his blood sugar. He started taking Zeal Wellness almost a year ago. He began taking it for joint health because of a friend of his that had required the aid of a walker to get around now no longer needed it and suggested the product. My papa was having problems with his knees and had just had a knee replacement on his left leg. Three months after starting the product he went to the doctor for a general checkup. His doctor asked him what changes he had made in his diet because his blood sugar tests were better. He took my papa off of part of his medications and told him to come back in two months for him to recheck him and to let him know immediately if he had any issues with his blood sugar or felt any adverse effects from not taking all of the medication. Two months later he went back to the doctor and he took him off the rest of his medication and classified him as no longer having diabetes. The only changes that my papa had made was the addition of the Zeal Wellness drink. He is absolutely sold on it. Another testimonial is of a high school friend of my dad’s. Her father in law had wet macular degeneration that required painful shots in his eye and terrible heart issues. He had lost his driver’s license because of his loss of eyesight and had to have numerous heart surgeries to put in stints and a pacemaker and had to take nitroglycerin pills to even function. She said he was a hard sell and a major skeptic so she and her husband paid for him to be able to take the product. Her father in law now doesn’t need to get the shots in his eyes and he recently walked a 5K. Her husband is another example of benefits resulting from the use of this product. He had gout in his feet. He took eight to twelve ibuprofen a day to keep his feet from hurting. About a week into taking the wellness drink his gout started to break up and now he is pain free. I personally have only been on the Zeal Wellness for a couple weeks but I have experienced a major increase in energy and just feel so much better. My wrist that always hurts me doesn’t anymore and I am confident that the product is going to help me even more. My fianc?? feels so much better that we swear he is a different person. My mom has had problems with her knees since she was in her teens. Prior to starting the Zeal Wellness she looked like a 90 year old lady when she walked up or down stairs. Now she can walk normally and has no pain. There are hundreds of testimonies more convincing and amazing than these that indicate that the product is great but I already feel so much better that I am convinced.
People are realizing the negative impact that unhealthy diets high in processed foods and refined sugars and sedentary lifestyles are having on them. They are searching for how they can get the crucial nutrition needed for their bodies when they are continually eating unhealthy meals on the go more often than not. Zeal Wellness is the all-natural, whole food nutrition that they have been looking for. Taking the Zeal for Life Challenge takes the guess work out of nutrition. The simplicity of the challenge starts with the wellness drink to improve the overall health of the individual and adds the weight management for those individuals that want to actively manage their weight. I am taking the Zeal Wellness and just started the weight management and if you are interested in learning more about this product just ask me.

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