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Essay: Research proposal: Stress among parents of adult children with intellectual disabilities

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The main concept included in this study are stress, parents, children, and intellectual disabilities which the proposal will clarify at a later stage.
The topic of intellectual disability is a topic known to many people ,when items surrounding this topic are discussed ,the focus tends to be placed on the individual with the intellectual disability (ID). There is little emphases placed on those surrounding individuals with ID.it also tends to focus on the siblings of the individual with the ID; and little emphases is placed on the parents ,this is where the interest has developed for the researcher as it was felt that not enough has been written about the parents and the direct effects their childs disability has on them as individuals ,the researcher also has experience working with individuals with ID and from this experience has noticed through the interaction with parents the stress they encounter looking after a child with an ID .Through working in this area the researcher has gained interest in the effects on the parents and has felt that parents are often neglected . Through research for this proposal the researcher has found that others have also addressed the issue of stress among parents of children with ID.also in this research the researcher has not gained much information on supports services for parents regarding this topic and feels that there is a gap in relation to this . This topic is worth studying to gain an insight into the effects that stress has on the parents and how they may or may not have coped with this .
This research proposal will focus on the research question of ‘stress among parents of adults with intellectual disabilities .
For the purpose of this research the researcher aims to :
To show the effects of stress on parents with children with intellectual disabilities
To gain information through the completion of 40-60 questionnaires
To explore the service precisions in place for parents
To provide evidence of effectiveness of service provisions for parents
To look at different levels of stress
To establish the coping strategies used by parents of children with ID
The following pieces of literature includes journals ,books and internet sources .The literature discussed falls under the main concepts of this research proposal .These are stress ,parental stress, intellectual disabilities, coping strategies and support services.
Applying psychology by Nicola Brace ,Helen Westcott and Andy McBurnie (2008)chapter 1 written by Mary Hanley discusses the term stress which will help the researcher to define the term stress .William Wilkie(1999)titled ‘understanding stress breakdown’ also gives the researcher an understanding of stress and can be used in defining stress and understanding the process that individuals go through ,The’ relaxation and stress reduction workbook’ 5th edition by Davies ,Eshelman and McKay (2000) discusses not only what stress is but also looks at how individuals can manage their stress in a variety of ways

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