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Essay: Methods Martin Luther King used to achieve the aims of the Civil Rights Movement

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There are many major methods in which Martin Luther King used during the US to achieve the aims of the Civil Rights Movement. These methods are ones which include non-violent protests, the way he constructs his persuasive speeches, involvement from the Northern US towards the US Civil Rights Movement, and the way he showed great leadership by being a great organiser. Martin Luther King was a man that was best known for the non-violent social change.

An effective method that Martin Luther King used during the US Civil Rights Movement was non-violent protests. King was a man who was inspired by many, the peace that Mohandas Gandhi’s offered to many. King thought that one of the ways to bring peace to a nation is to lead by example in a peaceful manner. He did this in many situations for instance, Bus Boycotts in 1955-56, which was a public segregation on public transport in Alabama. On August 28th 1963, the march on Washington comprising of around 200,000 US civilians pushing for Jobs and the right to freedom, this is where King delivered his speech ‘I Have A Dream’ making him the most famous Civil Rights leader. The Birmingham Campaign was held in 1963, it went for 2 months, these protests included the fight for jobs and to stop the segregation in public places. King always took a peaceful step forward, he did this by leading non-violent protests during the US Civil Rights Movement.

Another strategy that Martin Luther King used to achieve the aims of the US Civil Rights Movement was by addressing the people in a persuasive manner. King was an inspiration to many as he has the power to transform the way that people were thinking, this is simply done by the persuasive manner passed down from his father who was an influential preacher. Along with being inspired by Mohandas Gandhi he was also inspired by Robert E. Keighton who is a professor in homiletics. On August 28, 1963 MLK presented a life changing speech that was addressed to a crowd of 200,000 people. This was a speech which was another step towards the closing the gap between black and white people. Martin Luther King was convincing speaker, however on August 5th, 1966 he set out to demand that properties were to be sold and rented on a discriminatory basis. On this day he was met by a crowd of 700 white civilians who were disgusted by King, he was hit by a rock taking him to the ground. After the attack by protestors he said “I've been to many places, but I can say that I have never seen mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I've seen here in Chicago,". This quote shows that MLK was not just a respected peaceful man it also shows that many civilians of the US were oblige to what he has done. King was a man who had a voice to speak out for what he believed in, he did this through the persuasive speeches in protests during the Civil Rights Movement,

Martin Luther King was an organiser, he demonstrated this throughout the US Civil Rights Movement.  King used his own organizational skills to help him in the making of a new society, he also used his persuasive oratorical skills and his calming personal opinion to change the minds of many while in the Civil Rights Movement. In 1955 King makes national attention as he leads a boycott at Montgomery, Alabama. He stands up to the public transport company and fights to break the wall of segregation between black and white people. The transit company believes that the black race must be upstanding for a white figure, if black people don’t oblige to this regulation they will be tossed in the jail. Over the following decades King organiser’s many non-violent protests seeking national attention regarding the Civil Rights Movement. In 1963, Alabama, King was leading peaceful mass demonstration, which then attract the attention of white police force. The white police cowardly approached them with dogs and multiple pressure fire hoses harming the black race, causing more hate and segregation between the two races. Due to this incident, multiple mass demonstration was carried out in communities forcing their way towards Washington DC. 250,000 protestors commenced, where King then addressed his speech ‘I Have a Dream’. The speech which then changed a nation entirely, where no person was divided by their color of their skin or their beliefs. The way in which King can bring a nation together was just one method used during the Civil Rights Movement.

Martin Luther King was a gentle man, who had many hopes and dreams about the segregation between the black race and the white race. King decided that times have to change. King came up with many methods of how he was going to approach the US Civil Rights Movement. He used Non- Violent Protests to demonstrate that the black race was not destructive. He used his persuasive speaking skills to attract the thousands of civilians in the US. He also was a man who knew how to organise a body of people. In the Civil Rights Movement King used these various peaceful methods and many more he became a man who made nationwide history by breaking the wall between the black and white race.

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