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Essay: Genocides since World War II

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Genocide repeat it and taste the salty tears of many just within one word. Genocide is the cruelty to others just because they are different. After World War II an event that lead the holocaust which is when Jewish where being sacrificed by burning them. However twenty six genocide events occurred after World War II all because of the difference between two or several groups of people. Some of those twenty six genocide events happened in Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Darfur. Also explaining the eight signs of genocide and how to avoid such a massacre for the people.
Tito a political dictator who tried to maintain the ethnic friction minimum in Yugoslavia. However as Bosnia achieved their independence in April 1992 recognized by European districts and the United States. The Serbs wouldn’t accept creation of a Bosnian state in their territory. The plan they used to start a campaign was by television publicity aiming the Muslins described as ‘fundamentalists who aimed to slaughter the Serbian nation’. (combatgenocide.org) At that moment the Serbians started a genocide event against the Bosnia who lived in the areas in control. Early in may 1992 segregation happened between the Muslims Croats in northwest Bosnia. Muslims were placed to concentration camps and one of the most famous was Omarska. Why you may ask? The prisoners where beaten severally they were not feed, the places where they’re held in was founded in horrific conditions, severally assaulted tortured and at the end killed. In only camps women were raped by any army personal they even used the term ‘they have created Bosnia babies’. The primary goal to the Serbs was to erase the educated, the intellectual, the wealthy and anybody who wasn’t in their side. In June 1994 less than fifty thousand Muslims and Croats remained in their homes. It was a so called purified action from the Serbs. It was not till mid-1994 the United States changed what was happening by offering Milosevic economic incentives in exchange for a peace agreement. However a rift was created between Serbia headed by Milosevic and the Serbs in Bosnia. In August 1995 the NATO forces began attacking the Serbs with bombs that following the end of the war. Bosnia was separated into Serbs and Muslims autonomous regions but the Serbs stayed in Bosnia.
In Rwanda there is three ethnic groups the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. Around the 1990’s the Hutu blamed the Tutsis for the increase in social, economic and political pressures. They were also accused of supporting a rebel groups the Rwandan Patriots Front. However it was not until April 6, 1994 after shooting down the plane that the president Habyarimane attended that the genocide started from the Hutus to the Tutsis. Political leaders that could have put a stop to the commotion were immediately killed. Within the week after April 6, 1994 thousands of Hutus who were against the killing and massacre were also killed. About three fourths of the Tutsis population went through the Rwanda genocide that including women, children and men. However there is one more factor that started and may had caused the genocide to form. When Germans started their civilization in Rwanda they considered the Tutsis part of them since they shared some similarities such as their skin color. That caused the Germans to let the Tutsi take responsibility or stay in charge upsetting the Hutu. The following was the Belgians took control of Rwanda and they too gave the Tutsi a leadership position. However the Belgium then changed the leadership position to the Hutu. As the time changed so did the position of the Tutsis and Hutu for the leadership position. As genocide happened in Rwanda the world did not move a finger to stop it. Many reasons have been found to why they did not stop it like the believe that it was only a civil war or not wanting to pay for the needed supplies. It was not until 1994 that the genocide stopped thanks to the Rwanda Patriotic Front and arm build of Tutsis and they fully took over Rwanda. However in Darfur it was a different begging and cause with no possible ending to the massacre. As of 1989 Omar Basher a general took control of Sudan with a military coup. Although this caused for The National Islamic Front government to fire up the regional tension. It wasn’t until 2003 when two rebel groups became the spark to the genocide massacre with their complains of the failure of protection to people from nomadic attacks. In responds the Sudan government ordered the Janjaweed meaning the devils in horseback to carry the genocide event. The janjaweed militia destroyed over four hundred villages burning them to the ground. Did anybody do something about it or did they stay quite? Well the answer is they did however the Sudanese government didn’t but international criminal court did take the first step in 2005. What they tried to do was launch investigation into human rights in Darfur but the government of Sudan didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Agreements and peace talk didn’t seem to change the generals mind letting the genocide continue. Also in September 17, 2006 the British prime minister wrote a letter to the European union bringing up the genocide massacre to their attention. In 2008 a project was to take action by The United Nations Africa Union mission which was to send twenty six thousand troops to protect the people but only nine thousand were send and with no equipment to continue with the mission. However on March 4, 2009 the ICC or International Criminal Court placed an arrest for Sudanese president Omar Bashir for crime against humanity rights and charges on genocide. However this warrant didn’t take action he cannot be taken to prison until he is found in a nation which accepts the International Criminal Courts. In other words the genocide may still be happening while we don’t seem to notice it at all with the refuse of not taking Omar Bashir to prison.
Equally important is the eight stages of genocide helping us know ahead of time when genocide may. The first stage we have to analyze is classification to form an understanding of each other’s groups and to tolerate one another. If this stage is accomplished then genocide will have no opportunity to form. The second stage is symbolization or having something that represents a group. However later it can be officially represent the groups in a negative way one example will be the Jews and the yellow star. To avoid this stage probably the symbols can be legally forbidden however it will not work if a famous culture doesn’t support it. The third stage is dehumanization or when a certain group starts talking negatively of another group. A solution would be banding any hate radio station or forbidding any hate speeches. The fourth stage is organization usually by the state or terrorist group. At this stage plans have been prepared for a genocide massacre. A way of avoiding it would be by outlawing membership for militias starting genocide. The fifth stage is polarization or forming a division in groups or forming a large group and filling them up with negativity against a certain other group. The solution will be forming a law that will protect or assist human right groups. The sixth stage is preparation when it is officially separation of a certain type of people and giving them a symbol of hatred to identify them. At this stage they are already sending people to concentration camps. The only way to solve or try is by declaring a genocide emergency. Providing them with armies or help units to allow and help some refugees. The seventh stage is extermination killing will be happening anywhere calling it the genocide. Can something be done at this point? Actually yes heavy arm soldiers and the authorization to act upon the genocide massacre. The final stage eighty is denial that comes after the genocide event has had its ending. The only way to solve this is with punishment to whenever authorized or encouraged the genocide.
As can be seen the holocaust was one thing but genocide can be a different story after world war II genocide has happened for twenty six times and some have come to an end and other s haven’t. Starting with Yugoslavia and the Bosnians and the Muslims the Bosnians not wanting for the Muslims to separate but at the end stayed with the independent land. Another example is in Rwanda with the Hutu and the Tutsis it could have been considered favoritism and jealousy or the simplicity of power causing genocide. Another story was in Darfur where the general ordered the massacre to be started and destroyed four hundred villages by a militia called janjawed. At the end we learn about the eight stages to analyze and help us identify where and when the problem would start.

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