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Imagine you are associated with a genocide that occur in an ancestors time? How would you react to these circumstances? What would you do? The term genocide was developed in most cases. This term become a part of legal, political, and ethnical vocabulary that respond to widespread hazard of violence against a group of society. In 1900 a man named Raphael Lemkin who was born in a Polish Jewish family, and was the one who coin the word ‘genocide’.

The holocaust is a great example of genocide do to the fact that six million Jews were killed in a very brutal and atrocious way. The holocaust is Greek words that ‘sacrifice by fire’. In January 1993 the Nazis gain power in Germany, and thought Jews were a alien threat to the Germans community. During the early years of the holocaust, Germans authorities and power also targeted other groups like Roma who were the disabled and Slavic people. The poles were the Russians and others who were persecuted on political, behavior grounds, and homosexual then killed. This lead to War World 2 in which by 1945 nearly two out of every three Jews as part of the ‘final solution’. The Nazis from this point on would policy to murder the Jews. In the ultimate months of the war guards would move camps of people by train or on forced marches often called ‘death march’ this would prevent the Allied liberation of abundant of prisoners. The marches continue until May 7, 1945 the day the Germans forces surrender to the Allied. In the western Allied the war had ended in Europe. On the next day May 9 (V-E Day) was celebrated. Some other examples of genocides would be Sudan 1952-1972, Rwanda 1963-1964, Indonesia Oct, 1965-1966, Pakistan Mar-Dec 1971, China Feb-Dec 1947.

Sudan’s genocide began in 1952-1972 the cause of this genocide was because of regional autonomy was the cause of this conflict. The southern African- Christian’s governments were devastated when the British failed to guarantee equity. The Arab-led government, promised to form a federal system of government, which is located in Khartoum, the south and north would be represented. However the Arab government reneged their promise this led to a mutiny in town of Torit. During the summer of 1955 a military force named Equatorial Crops led by southerners attacked Sudanese government officials. Instead of surrendering many ran into the woods with their weapons and created many insurgent groups was the most effective and the largest group to this conflict. Large numbers of weapons were provided through Uganda and Ethiopia. All the groups the Anya Nya. The conflict lasted until 1972 when the Addis Abada was found on the opposing sides. To the southern provinces with this agreement granted autonomy, however after 11 years to be exact the agreement was totally undermined and conflict would again ensure. In 1993 in Rwanda genocide result once more as a fact.

1994 Rwanda’s genocide, was a planned campaign of murder that occurred over 100 days in April- July 1994. The majority of Hutu population were planned to kill the Futis population who are opposed to the genocidal intentions. More than 800,000 civilians Tutsi and Hutu were killed during the campaign. After the war as many as 2000000 Rwandans vanish the country immediately. The Hutu and the Tutsi were the major ethnic groups. About one-seventh and more than four-fifths of the total population. Followed by the Twa which was 1 percent of the population. These three groups lived together for centuries. The Europeans arrived in the 19th century. The Tutsi and Hutu had social differences. The Tutsi physical appearance were light-skinned and tall, and the Hutu were dark-skinned and short. During the colonial era, Germany and Belgium soon arrived. They assumed that Tutsi and Hutu could be distinguished by physical characteristics. The Germans used the ethnic differences to create a system where no longer the Hutu and the Tutsi would fluid. Then German colonial government ruled. The Hutu began to proclaim equality, which led to the Hutu revolution. Months of violence followed. Tutsi were killed or left the country. Belgian officially got rid of the Tutsi king who was already out of the country. Rwanda became a republic country. National government came into being the next year independence was proclaimed.

Five months of 1965 to early 1966 the genocide of Indonesia occurred. About half a million citizens were killed by anti-communist Indonesia. Almost all victims were associated with Indonesia left. The communist party (PKI) was also associated with the massacre who was under president Sukarno’s guided democracy. The massacres were coordinated by anti-communist of the army. People who want to clear anti-communist would get killed. On the morning of October 1, 1965 the killings followed in which took place in Jakarta. This same day a revolutionary council was formed. The new order period portrayed some events. As a communist capture for power. Recent research show according to john Roosa, ‘ has shown that the (PKI) leadership were closely involved.’ The aims of the operation were more limited. The PKI was destructed which was part of an order that retrieve Suharto’s military-dominated New Order regime to power. The regime left Sukarno’s leftist domestic politics were orientated in foreign. The New Order never cared of the killing, they portrayed both a threat presented to the PKI.

In 1971 Bangladesh had a mass killed. The soviet POWs with annihilation. This was an attempt to seek East Pakistan from the West Pakistan military. This Systemic Campaign aimed at killing millions of Bengalis. The background of East and West Pakistan were forged of it’s independence, which was ruled two hundred years by the British. Mahatma Gandhi and others tried to prevent spread their religious or ethnic lined. British and Indians politicians pressed for the creation of two states. One Muslim-dominated which were Pakistan. The other one Hindu-

Dominated which were Indians. India was one of the great tragedies of the century. In the sectarian violence hundreds of thousands of people were killed. Then the Muslims traveled to Pakistan and the Hindus to India. Some arrangement unstable lead to three major wars between India and Pakistan. The fourth conflict in 1998-99 the new state of Pakistan was considered of two ‘wings.’ Which was divided by miles of India territory and the gulf of ethnic. During the first war in 1947 a ceasefire line divided Kashmir. Kashmir since then became one of the worlds intractable spots. Over the decades, Pakistani democracy was stifled by a military dictatorship in mostly 1958. The East and the West relationship was progressively more corrupted. West Pakistan in February 22, 1971 took a decision to crush the Awami and it’s supporters. Since the first time it was recognized that a campaign would be necessary to eradicate the threat. After this East Pakistan were taking flight. In April thirty million people of East Pakistan would grasp of the military. The breakdown of the genocide was about 75 million people.

The massacre of China began in February 27, 1947 228 innocents were killed by an anti-government in Taiwan, which was suppressed by the KMT-led Republic of china. This government killed thousands of civilians. About 10,000 to 30,000 or more death. The beginning of Kuomintang White Terror period in Taiwan was marked. Thousand more people were vanished, died or were in prison. Some important events in Taiwan would be its modern history, and the critical impetus for the Taiwanese independence movement. In 1945 events in Taiwan ended up when Japan lost World War 2. In October, the United States

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