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In time of tragedy, President Lyndon Baines Johnson provided greatly needed stability and continuity to United States. He became the 36th President of United States following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Lyndon B. Johnson is considered one of the most brilliant and expert Politian of his time. Among innumerable misfortunes in his young years and his career as a Politician, he proved to be a noble and a proficient President. His life experiences gave him extraordinary visions for a better society and equality. Therefore Johnson passed several legislations that would greatly impact and benefit the American people in times of turmoil.
The eldest of five children Lyndon B Johnson was born in August 27, 1908 in Stonewall, Texas. His parents Rebekah Baines Johnson and Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr were from a family of farmers and ranchers. Lyndon’s father was rancher and also a politician who served in the Texas legislature. During Lyndon’s teenage years his family suffered enormous financial debts and lost their farm. Although struggling in school, Lyndon B. Johnson managed to enroll at Southwest Texas State Teachers College in 1927. By 1930, he graduated and taught briefly at a school for poor Hispanics students in Cotulla, Texas. However, Lyndon B. Johnson’s political ambitions took place, and in 1931 he became secretary to the Texas Congressman Richard M. Kleberg. On November of 1934, Lyndon met Claudia Alta Taylor known as ‘Lady Bird’. They got married three months later and eventually had two daughters Lynda and Luci.
In 1960, after two unsuccessful attempts at the vice presidency nomination, Lyndon B. Johnson’s announced for the presidential candidacy. However John F. Kennedy, a senator from Massachusetts, was nominated for president. Thereafter, John F. Kennedy presented Johnson the vice presidency and he accepted. In November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Thus, Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn into office only hours after Kennedy’s death, becoming the 36th President of the United States. Johnson played major key roles during his presidency. He tried to resolve the conflicts of the Vietnam War, he pushed for the passage of John F. Kennedy tax cut, and since his main goal was to eliminate poverty and racial injustice, he declared ‘War on Poverty’. He challenged the American people to form ‘The Great Society’, by passing several legislations including the Voting Rights Act, Medicare and Medicaid Acts and the Civil Right Acts of 1964. In January of 1969 Johnson left office.
During his life, Johnson suffered from several health problems, including gallbladder disease, angina, multiple heart attacks and heart diseases. Shortly after retiring, in January 22, 1973, Johnson died of heart failure in his Texas ranch. He died one day before the peace talks to end the war in Vietnam. He was buried by his birth place in Stonewall, Texas. Lyndon B. Johnson’s grave is placed along the Pedernales River at the Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch.
Johnson’s experiences in life such as the lost of his family farm to teaching to the poor contributed immensely to his commitment to improve the lives of impoverished. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration passed an extraordinary amount of legislation, bringing major changes to America. Among many programs that are still significant today, includes the Civil Rights Act and The Great Society program. Despite many health problems that led to his demise, Johnson tried to be a great president and he delivered extraordinary results. His legacy and impact in the American society should never be forgotten.

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