How to write a drama essay

We devise many ways of passing and enjoying our leisure time, visiting movie theatres and watching live plays comes in handy as a substantial way of enjoying our free time.

Plays are one of the most up and coming, influential ways of conveying a message, as well as a good career move, whether you are acting or play writing. Essay writing when taking a major in Drama playwrights is an essential evaluation of your knowledge and understanding of your course, it is always advisable to have that in mind.

The below tips offer some fundamental guidelines on how to write a drama essay.

Before you start essay writing there are several things you have to consider:


  • Have an undisputable idea of the direction and focus that you want to take when writing your drama essay is very important. It needs to be informative and interesting. Choose a topic to indulge your audience i.e. use of new technology, how it’s improved life, raise points that explains your theme and why they should be more accepting of the change in technology. A persuasive drama essay is where you raise your point of view or ideology that meant to instill the change you advocate i.e. global warming, its effect and why we need to take care of the environment. You should make sure you ease their understanding of the theme and focus at hand; in this case what really is global warming. This needs to be laid out in leman terms because this will set your reader at ease and help them understand where you are going.
  • After you have chosen the direction of your play or drama essay, choose the subject matter to relate and keep your audience interested. Having prior knowledge of the subject matter is always an added advantage before making the final decision of the topic to focus on.


  • Understanding how to write a drama essay is not just about how good of a writer you are, or how good an actor you are. It involves a lot of research. Once you have the outline of your theme, embark on the necessary research, making use of all the available resources like online searches, libraries and databases, which will be especially useful if you have taken a persuasive theme, as they will provide you with more detailed information, which you will use to break down into understandable messages for the reader to take onboard. Google searches and online questionnaires will open up more ideas about recent activities, this way keeping your essay up to date and your readers interested. This is useful for informative theme based making sure your topic of focus is essentially to generate more audience/readers’ as you will have to consider their ideas and simultaneously tackle issues they are most likely to relate to.
  • Use the materials you found from your research as baselines and backups for your main theme rather than fully encompassing your entire essay with references.


Make use of the standard way of writing essays:

  • Introduction where you introduce your stand and angle you are choosing to direct your drama.
  • Main body where you expound on your theme supporting it; be sure to use references here when necessary to improve on your credibility.
  • Conclusion where summarize all your points laid out throughout the essay cementing your stand and ultimately achieving the ultimate goal of informing or persuading.
  • Be sure to maintain focus on your theme throughout the essay while aligning and explaining your points.
  • It is advisable, when writing, to make use of the MLA or Harvard way of referencing. You should use the references as a way of backing up your points and views you have previously made. This may however differ according to instructions that may have been handed to you by your tutor.
  • You should make use of bullets when stating points because you can elaborate on them in the paragraphs. It will allow the reader to indulge and see your flow and explanations.

Revising and re-doing

  • When you have finished writing, you should go through your work to ensure you have corrected all spelling mistakes that may have occurred when writing. Also check for grammatical eras that you may have over looked and generally evaluate the general flow of your essay piece; does it make sense? Have you achieved your goal of persuading or informing your readers? Are you satisfied? Have you executed and made use of all available resources to you to get the necessary point across that you wanted to?
  • Be sure to use collective words i.e. ‘strolling’ meaning to walk leisurely, because this will help you achieve the objective of your essay using a minimum of words.

If you take all these points into consideration before starting the essay, you will definitely be able to make an informed decision on your angle of approach and therefore assuring you achieve a well-written Drama essay.

We hope you enjoyed reading our ‘how to write a drama essay’ guide.