How to write an anthropology essay

Anthropology being the study of human culture throughout time is a scientific data collection of culture over time.

When writing an anthropology essay, view it as an academic tale that is told using arguments, quotes and knowledgeable discretion on the topic.

Learning how to write an anthropology essay can be tough. It’s therefore advisable when given a choice of topics to choose from pick one that you are more knowledgeable in as this will ease your work as you embark on the research. If you’re conversant with this topic will also give you more enthusiasm while researching it and it will be the basis of the beginning of your research since you’ll seek to add on what you already know.

“Read and understand the question before answering” you see these instructions a lot before doing an essay or exam. It’s wise to heed to these words and not over look them. Before embarking on the research, understand the importance of the essay and what is required of you. Understanding this question will guide you throughout your research as you’ll have a clear picture of what is expected of you, where to look and focus.

With this understanding, you’ll be able to determine which content from your notes; lectures attended the essay question falls into and are more focused. Have in mind these essays are used to determine and gauge your level of understanding of the course. Focus your research on the content and make use of the reference materials provided for the research. Read these reference materials widely to come up with quotes that support your ideology of the essay.

Provide at least two opposing views in your essay and back them up by establishing arguments, opinions and conflicts to support them. Make a wise choice on the essay topic to bring out your strong qualities i.e. if you are into detail based essays pick one that will give you a large basis to put details on. If you have a more carefree personality, pick one that allows and gives you room to show your creativity.

An essay can either be argumentative or a discussion based. Consider: what anthropological position does the question represent? Which positions are supportive and opposing to it? Throughout your essay make sure you bring out your opinions fully to support or oppose, as these questions will be a guide to your focus and tackling the essay.

Knowing how to write an anthropology essay is a skill that anyone can learn and like most essays references and quotations are also essential part of your essay as you will use them to back up your ideology point of view and allow the reader/ lecture to relate to your thinking. Caution as to not over use quotations and references in your essay; use them only as back up of your own ideas as many readers will bore easily as you will simply be making a collection of other people’s thoughts and opinions. These quotes and references should also not be repetitive of the information you are passing.

Like other essays, anthropological researches have a limit word count mainly of 2500 words which may seem a lot at first but with the right research quite essay to reach. Having this word count in mind will also motivate you to do extensive research and not run out of materials to write before reaching it.

Time management is an essential factor to consider when writing your anthropology essay. Since you will have more academic work from other studies, come up with a timetable schedule to depict what time to embark on what, making sure you follow it strictly. This will give you ample time for research and writing and avoid handing in sloppy work.

Follow the standard ‘introduction, main body and conclusion’ format when finally writing. Create much emphasis on your introduction, as it’s the guideline to the reader/lecturer on the focus and direction of your essay and the conclusion as it’s the summing up of your idea introduced in the beginning. This can be easily achieved, as you will have read, researched, organized your thoughts, you will therefore be simply: stating, arguing, countering and concluding your essay.

Read, research and make different drafts early to ensure you have enough materials. These drafts will also hone your editing skills and speed reading, as well as ensure little or no mistakes are made when writing the final copy of your essay.

All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy, having all this to handle makes sure you create ample time for resting. This will enhance your productivity, as your brains will be properly rested before you move to the next step while doing your research. Having all these in mind and putting them into practice will ensure a well-written essay.

We hope you gained a lot from reading our free ‘how to write an anthropology essay’ guide.