Data governance

The usage of data is a prominent goal for the digital transformation of business models. The amount of information we have to oversee is growing rapidly. Data is created from every action taken by every Internet-empowered device, and it’s only going to develop. A full 90 percent of data in the world today is only … Read more

Phantom Security Version 4.0

Cybersecurity has become a major concern in the past few years. In fact, organizations across the world are set to spend $101.6 billion on cybersecurity in 2020. Cyber threats are no longer run-of-the-mill and have become increasingly sophisticated. As the complexity of the threats increases, the tools to fight them also become smarter. Phantom Security … Read more

Hardware Requirement and Migration Plan

LSDG is a new research and development group established by Linx, LLC. LSDG’s systems will utilize the Linux operating system and all resources will be accessed using Linx LLC’s Microsoft Active Directory Domain. In order to simplify productivity with the sharing of resources and technical support, Linux LLC wants to migrate all their current operating … Read more

Systems engineering approach to transform IT services

Abstract This project focuses on systems engineering approach taken by the IBS Company to transform their IT services resulting in a tremendously improved business model that consisted of independent yet interrelated autonomous business units. The rearrangement was carried out in 2001, by the top management of the group in order to create new capabilities by … Read more

Virtual learning software proposal

Organizational Framework Our group proposes the formation of a company named InstaMeet. InstaMeet will be an all-encompassing software add-on that will provide both students and professors an organized forum to enhance virtual learning. Virtual learning currently uses a small handful of vendors that provide a portal for students and professors to interact. For example, The … Read more

Password protection scheme & authentication framework

Abstract— Security is one of the important aspects in this world. In order to protect against malicious attack, many Sofwares and secure algorithms are used. The password authentication technique is one of the commonly used despite its flaws. Several password protection techniques are used to provide security and help in remembering and recovering password soon. … Read more

Customer reviews in e-commerce and Electronic word of mouth (eWOM)

INTRODUCTION Customer reviews have always been an indispensable part of any business. Before the discovery of the internet, to know about a product or business, one had to go around asking people presuming to find someone known and trusted who had knowledge or experience with the company or product. This type of study would usually … Read more

Cyber security, cyberwarfare and cyber attacks

Cyber security consists of technologies, processes and controls designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyberattacks (ano, n.y.). And also cyber security can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and builds safety against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. Security involves two parts: cybersecurity and physical security. Assurance in cybersecurity requires coordinated efforts … Read more

How can the developments in robots and AI help a person after a serious car accident?

Introduction This paper, as said above is about how AI and robots can help a victim of a serious traffic accident, form life support, until living with it at home, after a long recovery. To research this topic, we made a couple of sub questions. These sub questions are listed below. We, the researchers, are: … Read more

Types of security risk within an organisation and how they can be prevented

Task 1: Identify the types security risks within an organisation and how they can be prevented. For this first task, I will be examining some of the potential risks which can be found in an organisation and a solution for how they can be prevented. In the subheading below, I will make sure to explain five … Read more