Customer reviews in e-commerce and Electronic word of mouth (eWOM)

INTRODUCTION Customer reviews have always been an indispensable part of any business. Before the discovery of the internet, to know about a product or business, one had to go around asking people presuming to find someone known and trusted who had knowledge or experience with the company or product. This type of study would usually … Read more

Cyber security, cyberwarfare and cyber attacks

Cyber security consists of technologies, processes and controls designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyberattacks (ano, n.y.). And also cyber security can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and builds safety against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. Security involves two parts: cybersecurity and physical security. Assurance in cybersecurity requires coordinated efforts … Read more

How can the developments in robots and AI help a person after a serious car accident?

Introduction This paper, as said above is about how AI and robots can help a victim of a serious traffic accident, form life support, until living with it at home, after a long recovery. To research this topic, we made a couple of sub questions. These sub questions are listed below. We, the researchers, are: … Read more

Types of security risk within an organisation and how they can be prevented

Task 1: Identify the types security risks within an organisation and how they can be prevented. For this first task, I will be examining some of the potential risks which can be found in an organisation and a solution for how they can be prevented. In the subheading below, I will make sure to explain five … Read more

Overview of cybercrime

With the recent advances in technology, cybercrime is at an all-time high. Computer crime has been an issue in criminal justice and criminology since the 1970s. However, many of those crimes were directed towards businesses, government agencies, or universities. As they have transitioned to virtually anyone, cybercrime is certainly one of the most serious modern … Read more

Cyber security – online shopping/payment

Introduction Assignment discussion This assignment-based report is in relation to cyber security in a particular social context. The social context I have chosen to write on is the well-known topic of online shopping/payment. A wide variety of literatures will be studied, analysed and reviewed in order to compile a decisive view on this context. The … Read more

Risk Assessment procedures and cybersecurity in business

Assessment, mitigation and contingency The objectives of risk assessments are to assess the risks and identify the minor acceptable risks versus the major unacceptable risks. Then to act accordingly by comparing the risk level to a pre-determined set of standards of acceptability. There are number of ways to assess risks that can involve quantitative, qualitative … Read more

Cyber security management in the energy industry

This security policy document is prepared as a computer security consultant with a firm with an international base. This risks and threats in the field of gas utilities supplies are increasing as new operational concepts and digital technologies are evading the gas utility industry. According to the company, grown state of cyber-attacks and sophistication of … Read more

Future of Cybersecurity General Assembly 1

Topic: Future of Cybersecurity Committee: General Assembly 1 Main Submitter: Sweden Signatories: India, Brazil , Haiti, Nigeria, Philippines , Mexico Aware of the possible, immeasurable threat posed by cyber terrorism, Recognizing the role of the General Assembly in addressing the issue of cyber warfare, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, Considers cyber … Read more