Justify decisions taken on the process of LAN, WAN designs/components

I. INTRODUCTION The availability of high-speed network technology and individual computers capable of high-performance has increased the attractions in distributed computing [1]. Due to the modern advancement of technology or company/organisation may outgrow their existing network system and they require an infrastructure update/upgrade [2]. Media Stream Infrastructure is embracing an upgrade to enhance its business … Read more

Innovation Case Study – Laptop/Tablet

Innovation The introduction of the Laptop has redefined and revolutionised the way we live our lives, by inventing new ways we communicate, consume, learn, work, and spend our spare time. Laptops have become personal to almost everyone, solving problems likes access to information and news, while also improving other factors that weren’t even considered to … Read more

Net Neutrality

United States’ FCC’s Sequence of View on Net Neutrality Network neutrality, also known as net neutrality, is the concept that Internet service or network providers, like Verizon and Comcast, treat all content and applications on the Internet equally. This means providers should not prioritize certain data and slide them into “fast lanes”, or discriminate against … Read more

Challenges for autonomous vehicles

Introduction Vehicles were invented over hundred years ago to transport people and goods from one place to another. In the past hundred years the purpose hasn’t changed however increased safety, comfort and efficiency makes them almost unrecognisable today. In the last century autonomous vehicles only existed in people’s imaginations, creating timeless characters on screen from … Read more

Scrum roles, benefits and processes

When is SCRUM Appropriate? Scrum is intended for the kinds of work people have found unmanageable using defined processes — uncertain requirements combined with unpredictable technology implementation risks. When deciding whether to apply Scrum, as opposed to plan-driven approaches such as those described by the PMBOK® Guide, consider whether the underlying mechanisms are well-understood or … Read more

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a term that is used widely today to refer to a broad spectrum of malicious activities that are undertaken in the context of social interactions. Through psychological manipulation perpetrators of social engineering attacks trick their targets to make security related mistakes or even give them information that is sensitive. Therefore social engineering … Read more

Healthcare IoT systems (Internet of Things)

ABSTRACT Internet of Things combines with Radio Frequency Identification which enables wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, by achieving the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. Healthcare applications in general collect patient information, which can be process, analyzed and wirelessly communicated to a healthcare gateway device which eventually ships … Read more

Principles of Cellular networks

1. Reuse Distance: The first mobile radio systems were actually noise-limited systems with few users. Therefore, it was advantageous to put each BS on top of mountains or high towers, so that it could provide coverage for a large area. The next BS was so far away that interference was not an issue. 2. Cell … Read more

Solid state batteries

THE SOLID TRUTH Li ion batteries have captured the imaginations of the battery industry worldwide. The success of the technology has been truly amazing as improvements are announced regularly. I am certain that Sony, the lithium ion inventor company and others closely involved at the time, such as myself, never anticipated the potential of the … Read more

Are autonomous cars the future?

In recent years the idea of autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more common and have continued to progress and become more of a reality and with companies such as Tesla and Google currently producing or developing self driving/ autonomous cars. With the effects of global warming, pollution and limitations of fossil fuels in recent … Read more

Introduction of self driven cars

Causes that have motivated engineers to create autonomous vehicles Technological and legislative barriers in India Inter-relationship between the growth of electric/hybrid vehicle and self-driven cars How India needs to develop electric vehicles Methods which can pave way to the introduction of robotic cars Despite the fact that India has some barricades in introducing self-driven cars, … Read more