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  • Effects of technology
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Technology has changed the way of living; it has changed the way we interact with people. Technology is the ultimate persuasion for people today, and it’s something they want to master. Technology has affected our lifestyle drastically and led us to believe that our life has changed for the better. However, there is a critical concern eating up most of the parents. Is technology a good or bad influence on their children? Technology has both, positive and negative impact on everyone’s life.
Technology is a concept that is never going to end. It is now a concept that we cannot survive without. It is part of our daily life. Technology also has some positive effects on our lives. Cell phones and Computers have made our life much easier than it used to be. It has made it easy for people to interact with their friends and family from a long distance. Through computers and cell phones people can even have a face to face interaction with other people. You can even use technology to do your daily functions like; cook, entertain, eat, and many other.
Technology also has a positive impact on education. Use of technology allows students to actively think about the information and make correct choices. Through the use of technology in classroom, teachers even gain more attention and cooperation of students. It also helps students to understand the whole world by just a help of a little computer. Now a day every classroom has a computer and projector that help students to study the content by visualizing things. Teachers even demonstrate long stories in form of a video that can be easily memorized by the student rather than reading it from the book.
Technology does have negative effects of people’s life and especially on children. Now a day people do not often meet each other in person; they rather interact on cell phones and computers by texting or having video chat. This can also create a less interactive generation. Computers and Internet have drastically changed the way of living. It also has negative impact on the way of interacting with people and also on their behavior & appearance. Children these days are so much involved in playing games that they don’t even eat until they finish the game.
These have majorly affected their eating and sleeping timings. Shooting and fighting games also can affect their behavior and can make them more aggressive and violent. Obesity is also a major issue these days. People have become lazy and even the physical activity has reduced, which leads to obesity. Cell phones also has affected negatively on education as children these days are more into texting their friends even while studying in classroom. Some of them even play loud music in class which disturbs rest of the students who are willing to study.
Lastly I would like to conclude by saying that technology is good if used correctly. It has both, positive and negative effects on a person’s life. Technology has changed a way of living and interacting with people these days. It also has somewhat negatively impacted on people’s behavior and appearance. New technologies also had both, positive and negative impact on education and are somewhere responsible for obesity today.

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