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Cloud Computing provides us a means by which we can access the applications as utilities, over the internet. It allows us to create, configure, and customize the business applications online.
Cloud computing has become a major technology trend. Consultants believe cloud computing presently reshaping info technology and therefore the IT marketplace.
History of cloud computing: —-
In 1960’s Cloud computing word was discovered by John McCarthy, he was a scientist. He said, ‘Cloud computing might sometime be organized as a public utility’. Cloud Computing is moving from cluster computing to grid computing.
Grid to Cloud Evolution:–
Cluster Computing—- Grid computing—-Utility computing—-SaaS—Cloud computing.
Clustering: —
Servers are maintaining to form positive the services listing.
Grid computing: —
It is celebrated when 2000 forward. This Grid computing really used like for NASA experiments.
Utility Computing: — it had been started in 1990’s. It had been chiefly started for no matter whatever we are utilizing.
Cloud computing introduction: —
Cloud: —
Whatever we develop an application through the net is named as CLOUD. It’s nothing however a most vital icon of the pc network.
Computing: —
It is a plan ‘The activity of using and developing computer technology’.
Cloud Computing: —
The Term ‘Cloud computing’ could be a cluster of unknown resources that are giving for a particular purpose to the user.
Cloud computing could be a conception of pay per usage of every IT service.
In cloud computing there are differing kinds of service models they are as follows
1. Infrastructure as a Service [IAAS]
2. Software as a service [SAAS]
3. Platform as a service [PAAS]
4. Storage as a service [STaas]
5. Security as a service [SEcaas]
6. Data as a service [Daas]
7. Business process as a service [Bpaas]
8. Test environment as a service [TEaas]
9. Desktop as a service [Daas]
10. API as a service [APIaas]
1) Infrastructure as a service (IAAS): —-
Amazon internet Services History:–
Actually Amazon organization launched internet services in 2006 formally to the shoppers. Amazon organization offers these services with the assistance of hypertext transfer protocol, using REST and SOAP protocols. However Amazon organization provides these services with the assistance of scaling and metered service, as a pay per usage conception. In Nov2004 Amazon organization launched easy queue service.
Amazon EC2 was launched by city, Republic of South Africa.
In 2007, over three, 30,000 developers adopted for utilization of the Amazon internet services.
On Gregorian calendar month twenty, 2011year one among the Amazon internet services’ like Elastic Block Store (EBS) service became ‘stuck’. The matter is inside these internet services browse /write requests are unable to execute by developers. After completion of two days this problem was resolved and restored by Amazon people.
Amazon largest knowledge center was hosted in Northern Virginia .In this knowledge center owing to a server storm some internet services were relay On October22, 2012.
Amazon organization has entire in the globe software development centers but Central development centre occurred in Seattle. The following are the software development centers.
North America:–
USA:–CA Seattle. WA and Tempe, AZ, Cambridge ,MA:Charleston ,SC:Cupertino ,CA:Orange Country, CA:San Francisco, CA:San Luis Obispo.
Canada: — Vancouver, British Columbia and Mississauga: Ontario
UK:–slough (England), London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland)
Ireland: — Dublin
Romania: — lasi
India:–Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai
Japan:–Shibuya (Tokyo)
China: – Beijing
South Africa: — Cape Town
Amazon EbS :—( Elastic Block Store)
Amazon organization truly introduced this product (EBS) in August 2008.After completion of 4 years, On Gregorian calendar month twenty second 2012, EbS server In Northern Virginia space went down. At an equivalent time, a number of the websites conjointly went down in past days.
In Amazon EbS raw block devices area unit these are directly connected to the Amazon EC2 instances.
Advantages: —
‘ This EbS supports block devices.
‘ EBS is additionally supports advanced storage, in advanced storage photograph ting and biological research is additionally supported by EbS.
‘ The capability of EbS storage is 1TB size.
2) Software as a service (SAAS): —
Software as service in brief referred to as as SaaS. It’s conjointly referred as on demand software package equipped by application service suppliers.
Here we’ll pay rent to the software package instead of buying the software package. SaaS vendor’s hosts developed software package that is employed by the tip users over the net.
SaaS is applied wherever the enterprise applications are distributed to multiple users and to access the software package users would like a compatible browser because the SaaS applications run at intervals the net browser. SaaS could be a part of cloud computing as a result of here the software package is hosted on the net or on the cloud and also the SaaS applications aren’t put in on individual machines instead they’re accessed from a far off server. It’s simple to take care of software package for multiple users’ i.e. after we update the remote software package all the users underneath the shopper interface are additionally updated.
The incompatibilities between different software versions are eliminated and without any software download vendors can make incremental updates.
Some of the main vendors of the services are:–
Sales force
Google apps
Windows azure
Zoho workplace suit
Microsoft workplace 365
Advantages: —
‘ As we have a tendency to need solely an online association by that multiple users will simply access the applications
‘ as the storage and computing power is provided remotely the requirement for infrastructure gets reduced.
‘ There isn’t any would like of manual updates and upgrades as these tasks are performed by the vendors automatically.
‘ By the utilization of rating models the measurability may be improved. That permits the users to pay in line with the use?
Disadvantages: —
‘ As the business information and processes are maintained by a 3rd party that ends up in produce security issues.
‘ Organization management of the appliance is reduced as a result of the SaaS supplier determines application updates and also the availableness.
‘ It is tough to integrate the SaaS applications
Sales force.CRM:—
Sales force is an organization name. It is located in San Francisco, USA .This organization is providing one of the services like SaaS. It is also one of the best CRM applications in market right now. Actually, Sales.Com was founded in March 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff and Frank Dominguez. These people they introduced this service is a SaaS.
Sales force organization came to the market in 2004, with the help NEW YORK Stock Exchange under the stock symbol CRM.
Advantages: —
‘ Flexibility is there.
‘ High level security
‘ Disaster Recovery.
‘ Cap Ex free.
‘ Work from home.
‘ Documenting Controls.
‘ It supports MVC Architecture.
‘ Friendly Environment.
‘ Increased Collaboration.
Disadvantages: —
‘ No service level agreements followed for standard and contract editions.
‘ In dashboards level there is no security for every user without having of administrator supports.
‘ Limited features in marketing management functionality.
Microsoft office 365:—
The Microsoft office 365 is an online version of the installed version of Microsoft office software. This is a subscription based online service. In October 2010 Microsoft announced about Microsoft office 365 and was available on June 28, 2011.Initially they this tool as a editing tool later, this service is only optimized for devices that run on Windows.
We can access with email service to this applications. By default, every employee can store data up to 25Gb.If anyone requires unlimited data storage go for an unlimited data storage version.
Different types of services available in online. The services are like word, excel, power point and OneNote. The employers can able to login theses applications under cloud, others can edit and see.
Microsoft office 365 is available to the end users in different type of plans. According to the end user requirement theses plans are chargeable.
‘ Pay per usage concept basis.
‘ Storage capacity of emails is unlimited.
‘ Service is linked by Software’s.
‘ Robust security and reliability.
‘ Access from anywhere over the globe.
‘ IT control and efficiency.
‘ User familiarity and productivity.
‘ Flexible pricing options
‘ Latest version of software is upgraded at no additional cost.
Disadvantages: —
‘ Less compatibility with files created in 2010/2007.
‘ 500mb storage for user and 10 GB storage for companies
‘ Plans are very confusing
‘ Poor mobile experience on Android and IOS.
Google apps
Google apps are the vision of a Google employee
Rajen sheth who is later developed chrome books.
Google provides Google apps as a service by providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name, which includes web applications, traditional office suites like Gmail, Google calendar, talk, sites and docs.
Google apps is mainly it is supports multiple web-based applications. That means anyone can access from any device with the help of Internet.
Google one of the product Gmail is a full-fledged email client. Gmail allows storing up data up to 25GB of messages and information’s.
Productivity tools:–
Google provides a spread sheet, a text and survey editor. In Google documents can be shared and read, write permissions are there.
At the same time multiple users able to login to at a time and share the documents with each others. In Gmail and inside of the Google applications chatter option is there for chatting purpose of the users. It is located in right side of the every application.
Every user can also download the files in the form of pdf, doc, xls, and .csv files format also.
Google provides a lot of applications with lot features. These applications are not be compete of any other applications in the market. The rental charges are $5 per user like that and with 99.9% of uptime.
Advantages: —
‘ Customers get higher reliability and uptime.
‘ Faster access to innovation drives higher productivity.
‘ Full productivity suite.
‘ Multiple users can work simultaneously.
‘ Full mobile compatibility.
‘ Email storage capacity 25 GB.
‘ Users adopt new functionality with less disruption.
‘ Employee can be productive from anywhere.
‘ Google can read our data.
‘ Less storage like 1 GB for documents per user.
‘ Some features are missing for documents related.
Zoho: —
It is one of the success stories from INDIA. Every user can access their-own applications. The applications can utilize every one pay per usage concept.
It is actually has multiple applications, Depending on the sender, the receiver and the goal, different tools should be used to the communication.
Zoho is a huge catalog of productivity tools: It has documents, calendars, project management, CRM etc.
The basic document application is files online and chat systems, download files in various formats.
Zoho catalog offers lots of services and these services can increases truly productivity in a company. The organization people can provide with new features this application whatever the end users require.
Advantages: —-
‘ Pay whatever you usage.
‘ A single application is supported all the needs.
‘ Multi user edit.
‘ We can download with multiple formats.
‘ Application price is sufficient.
‘ Email storage is 15 GB only.
‘ 1 GB for document per user.
‘ Mobile experience only on iOS
Drop Box:–
Drop box saves the files in within the time. This is also supports the perfect back up and synchronizing the applications. For synchronization purpose a folder is allocated and every one can access this service with the help of internet connection. In drop box two type of edition are there. First one is Online and second one is offline access. If any user can able to login online access they download the latest version of the files.
It is perfect application to store huge amount of data, storage purpose. Number of people can access same time in this application to share the data with each other. If the team can have login access at a time with more than 1000GB per user to share the data.
But the problem is with this service password protections are not working perfectly and No secrecy is maintaining for data level.
Advantages: —
‘ Sharing data with each other is very easy
‘ A large compatibility list.
‘ Browser accessibility option.
‘ Drop box can read data whatever data stored.
‘ Service level security issues are there.
‘ Updating is required for software.
This is nothing but a mix of service box; it is a project management tool and Google Docs.
The service is a document centric like the communication that happen on the service level and it is also allowing discussions in discussion board.
It hosts a version of document and this allows to users modify the files in online. At the same time an application is downloadable to synchronize the online files on the employer’s computer.
This is mainly a project management tool and productivity suite. This service is also compatible with multi type of devices. The service is also most recommended for most businesses.
‘ Sharing is very easy
‘ A large compatibility list
‘ Browser based service application.
‘ Project management tool
‘ Storage capacity is 1000GB.
Disadvantages: —
‘ Plans are not sufficient.
‘ User rentals are $ 15 per user.
3) Platform as a service (PAAS): —
Plat form as a service is one of the major type of cloud computing service. Organizations look for plat form as service for a deeper set of capabilities. Computing plat form and solution stack is provided as a service by pass. In pass computing plat form is provided which includes operating system and environment in which programming language is executed, database and web server.
Here one without purchasing and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. On the cloud platform application developers can run and develop their software solutions.
Some of the examples of pass include:–
‘ AWS elastic beanstalk
‘ Cloud foundry
‘ Force.com
‘ Google apps engine
‘ Windows azure cloud services
‘ Heroku.
In cloud computing initial investment is not required. It means every service we can use with the help of pay per usage concept. In cloud computing every service is easy to access information any time and from anywhere in the Globe. In cloud safe and secured environment are provided to run and develop the applications.
Integrated business environment is provided by pass. For the development process it (pass) provides greater speed, flexibility and agility.
When the requirements of the user constantly keep on changing the flexibility of the services provided by pass may not be sufficient.
Communicating between two applications may be difficult data security is a great concern.
4) Business process as a service (BPAAS): —
This service is type of parallel or vertical business process, these services which includes SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS etc.
Actually every software company implement business process as either manually or automation. But Cloud computing changes this process. Companies or organizations select a process that matches organization business policy. Business process as a services is connected with SaaS in Cloud computing. In cloud computing BPaaS is designed to be a service’oriented.
BPaas define as: —
‘ This process also plays a big role besides of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS in Cloud computing.
‘ BPaaS is easily connected with relative services in cloud computing.
‘ BPaaS is able to supports different type of applications and languages.
‘ This Service also supports at a time number of customers and clients in the software market. It is also supports elasticity and scaling in cloud computing.
Business process API providers examples:–
ZooZ (credit card checkout)
Alfresco (Enterprise document management)
Workday (Enterprise-ERP)
Financial Force (Finance-accounting)
Rubicon (Web advertising)
Coupa (procurement)
5) Test Environment as a Service :–( TEAAS)
In1960’s business application was hosted. Then, in 20th century starting internet utilization was very high and it was brought Application service providers (ASP).It was nothing but a new class of centralized computing. Actually TEaaS (Test Environment as a service) published in 2010.
TEaaS Summary:–
In 20th century Application service providers (ASP) came in to the software market as a centralized new class of cloud computing. This Service main theme is to reduce or decreases the software organization maintenance. TEaaS is differentiated with Application service providers (ASP) in software industry.
TEaaS differentiated with ASP:–
‘ Vendors of TEaaS manage their own software.
‘ Vendors also develop the software.
‘ Whatever end user required web based service solutions are provided by TEaaS Vendors.
‘ Every software company maintains software for each company according to their requirement.
‘ Thus, the large difference between the ASP and TEaaS is subscription fee.
Comparative analysis for numerous alternatives:
Distributed computing is furnishing all the administrations with high securities and cut operational and capital expense. Distributed computing is created with the assistance of network processing and utility registering. It is giving administrations like Saas/paas/iaas. Programming as an administration is only a tantamount of programmings and stage as an administration is only a similar to structures and customizing stages, Infrastructure as an administration is practically identical to virtualize the server and what not. These administrations are accessible for clients with web and intranet alternative in an association.
Distributed computing is another idea in the business sector now. Amazon’s Ec2 is the introductory offering of distributed computing stages in 2006 onwards. Later such a large number of stages went to the business sector yet some are financially accessible 2009 onwards.
Facilitating and Outsourcing: – –
Conventional organizations have the server farms and do outsourcing like provisions and related administrations. In the event that any organization claimed server farm it is fare thee well about security level. In any case under distributed computing supplier will fare thee well about administrations and server farm support as stated by the Service ‘level-agreements (Sla).there are a few contrasts are there between facilitating and distributed computing. The host can comply with the principles like establishment and improvement setups, for organization. Yet under Cloud registering these guidelines shorted. An alternate distinction between the distributed computing and facilitating is the potential measure of investment funds as far as operational expense.
Amazon web administrations (AWS)
It is giving base since August 2006 onwards. It is giving Elastic figure cloud, straightforward capacity administration and Elastic blob stockpiling etc.amazon conveys these requisitions on pay for every utilization idea. As a result of these administrations Amazon is more than an accumulation of foundation as an administration.
Amazon gives servers as an administration on the cloud and gives different gets to these servers. We can run any administration and any working framework might be instated on the machines. The servers which are claimed are indistinguishable to the obtained machines. As opposed to streamlining the at present utilized it framework Amazon’s administration is putting forth the most ideal approach to run it at insignificant expense. The relocation to the Amazon’s administrations ought to be quick acknowledging to the organization’s server which has been instated inside.
The vicinity of the unpredictability of the first framework will remain this is the real inconvenience of this result. By utilizing the open administration the majority of the current upkeep errands could be uprooted or might be abbreviated.
Amazon Ec2 is flexible in nature and it is foundation as an administration level advertising. Amazon permits arranging an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) and stacking into Ec2 administration. By running numerous Amis at the same time, it permits scale limit, both here and there. Amazon S3 is a basic stockpiling administration and with the assistance of this one we need to store the information essentially and recover the information when we require. In S3 process information is stockpiling as blobs in server farm. Amazon straightforward DB is a web administration; it is running for questions and organized information progressively. This is likewise functioning as an Amazon S3.
Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute: – – (Ec2)
This is permits you to launch distinctive sorts of web administration interfaces with diverse sorts of working frameworks. This is to load custom provisions and to oversee system access consents.
Amazon association is additionally got consent from Microsoft and IBM keeping in mind the end goal to be backing the windows working framework.
AWS Ec2 helps three sorts of standard process occasions.
Ec2 is backed to equivalent CPU limit of a 1.0-1.2 GHz 2007operation or 2007 xeon processor. The Ec2 standard occasion sorts are little and medium. Little is (1 virtual center with 1ec2 process unit,32 bit,1.7 GB memory)medium is (2 virtual centers with 2 Ec2 register units, for example, every unit is ,64 bit,15 GB memory).
Simple storage service (S3):-
This is only information put away as straightforward stockpiling system. At whatever point we require again we pick up and recover the information with this service.s3 gives a straightforward web administrations to putting away information in a basic technique.
S3 fabricated an insignificant characteristic of: – –
1) S3 helps 1 byte to 5 gigabytes of every information to compose, read, execute and erase authorizations.
2) Objects are put away in pails and recover through designer one of a kind key.
3) Buckets are for the most part held in USA or Europe. All items will be put away in cans. These items we can get to from all over on the planet.
4) These containers might be held specifically place to store the information for UN sanctioned access.
5) Objects could be made private, open and rights might be for particular clients just.
In S3 administrations information is upheld by the AWS administration level agreements that guarantees to utilize .The fundamental units of deliberation for S3 are cans, Objects and keys. These articles are crucial substances put away in Amazon S3.objects comprise of information and metadata extent might be from 1 byte to 5 gigabytes.
Microsoft Centric: – –
One of the popular and productivity tool introduced by the Microsoft is office 365. It is a simple web hoisting platform, it provides the services like hosing an email, and a browser based editor, a sharing feature and an instant messaging feature.
The files which are stored on Microsoft platform can be managed by the employees and can edit them with the software they already know. This is an add-on feature of the Microsoft office. By this employees have got less work to do, but it does come at a price.
The monthly bill per user varies Depending on the featured service and subscription of Microsoft pro.
For a fully featured service the monthly bill per user can be raised up to ’28.this plan would be very expensive for most of the companies. For minimum features the price per user can be at ‘ 14 to ’20.
To gather the outlets monthly reviews the best and easy method is to design and host the small websites on the cloud service. To make it more powerful the best option is to add the web sites to Amazon cloud.
Amazon is used to host the all the notable web sites. The main characteristics of the Amazon services is that it allows to run the original php web site with little or no modification and without extra training IT team should already be able to maintain the server.
‘ The main advantage is that the employees already used Microsoft office.
‘ Money can be saved by planning a business in a correct direction.
‘ One can share the documents
‘ It can be accessed from any of the window service.
‘ The vpn service, SMTP and sambas services are not required.
‘ It requires limited apache service.
‘ Maintenance cost is very high/ Cost Effective.
‘ How new service works should be known.
‘ Require updates of the software.
Google centric:–
The main difference between the previous solution and Google centric is the Google document as a service. Online editor is used by the Google for every type of document. It is not recommended to use Microsoft office and then importing document in Google doc. It will ruin the layout. It doesn’t contain all the office features but being web based, it brings new one to the mix.
Google document is the best choice for collaboration. If a single version of the document exists then updates are passed on to every user and if at the same time multiple users open the same document at same time then the editions will be visible to all. While multi user editions are happening with the smart chat help to organize the work.
This service is provided at very low coast, ‘5 is charged for per user per month. Employees are forced to change their habits this major drawback of this service to run the websites Amazon is also required.
‘ One of the main advantages is multiple user editions.
‘ One can share the documents
‘ The VPN service, SMTP and sambas services are not required.
‘ It can be accessed from any device.
‘ How new service works should be known.
‘ Employees are involved in learning process.
Google with box:
Google with box is more business oriented, it is almost similar to drop box. On the documents like reports, check list and deadlines the service communication is centered. Documents life cycle are easily fallowed by the employees and are informed when inventions are needed.
A Folder with a service synchronizes their software. Employees are allowed to use Microsoft office until they are ready to switch. Box’s editor can be accessed online when the employee is ready to move forward.
Google, Amazon and box allows the employees to work efficiently. This trio not causes any uprising. This piece raises the monthly bill to ‘ 20 per month. This piece requires an extra ‘ 15 per user per month.
‘ Employees can continue to work using office.
‘ Google with box can be accessed from any device.
‘ One can share the documents.
‘ Drop box is similar to software.
‘ How new service works should be known.
‘ Google with box has the price as office 365.
Type of Cloud Computing:
Public clouds are made available to the general public by a service provider who hosts the cloud infrastructure. Generally, public cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft and Google own and operate the infrastructure and offer access over the Internet. With this model, customers have no visibility or control over where the infrastructure is located. It is important to note that all customers on public clouds share the same infrastructure pool with limited configuration, security protections and availability variances.
Private cloud is cloud infrastructure dedicated to a particular organization. Private clouds allow businesses to host applications in the cloud, while addressing concerns regarding data security and control, which is often lacking in a public cloud environment.
Hybrid Clouds are a composition of two or more clouds (private, community or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together offering the advantages of multiple deployment models. In a hybrid cloud, you can leverage third party cloud providers in either a full or partial manner.
Benefit of Cloud Computing
1. Cost: Reduce infrastructure and maintenance cost.
2. Security and performance monitored by the professional dedicated team.
Cloud Models:
Newsletter Application Design:
Newsletter application is a SaaS model, providing Newsletter publishing for any client subscribed to this service. This is a Java based application.
Architecture diagram for Newsletter application in SaaS:
Execution Flow:
Any client can upload two files to our cloud environment and our application process will generates a Newsletter and send in email.
Step: Client 1 uploads (copy) below 2 files
‘ Client1_configuration.txt
‘ Client1_newscontent.txt
Our program SaaSSample.java reads ‘Client1_configuration.txt’ and retrieves all customer email IDs who subscribed to the newsletter then reads ‘Client1_newscontent.txt’ for news content.
After reading email id’s and content, our program composes email and sends to all subscribers.
Our SaaS project is hosted in Public cloud like Amazon and accessible any client anywhere in the world to subscribe to Newsletter publishing.
Technical Document:
Required files to execute this SaaS application:
1. Smtp.jar, pop3.jar, mailapi.jar, imapgimap.jar and dsn.jar
2. Add above jars to class path. (Create a folder, copy all jars and add this folder to class path in environment variables)
3. SaaSsample.java, SaaSsample.class
4. Eclipse
5. Command to execute jar:
6. Command to run jar:
java -cp .;folder path/javamail1_4_7/javamail-1.4.7/lib/*;SaasSample.jar SaasSample

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