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Robotics is field of engineering which is composite of nature inspiration, practical science and artificial intelligence. The word ‘ROBOT’ is derived from a Czech word ‘ROBOTA’ meaning ‘FORCED LABOUR’. Whereas the proper form was introduced by writer ‘Isaac Asimov’ in his science fiction book ‘I ROBOT’ published in 1950.
Throughout the centuries humans are being time to time inspired by nature, as every living thing and every object on the surface, under the surface, in water or either in high sky is performing their duties well for their survivals. Each living thing has their own techniques of surviving and by researching on them and their techniques of surviving are purely practical visualization of Science with theories and practical formulation.
Snake-o-Bots are famous by the name of modular locomotion robots. The word ‘Modular’ means ‘Modules/ Different Section’ whereas ‘Locomotion’ refers to ‘Animal Motion’. Therefore locomotion inspired robots are widely focused for further advancement in field of robotics. From theory to practical implementation, from model to scientific calculation all are being processed. So converting these designs calculation into practical form, structure and actuators are required. Structure depend upon durability need for that project and also how light weight it should be, whereas actuators are concerned so they can be considered as mandatory part of any robot, because they muscle of any robot which convert stored energy into motion.
Many factors such as size, power and weight, freedom of angle constrain the design of snake robots. Meeting this constrain requires implementing a complex mechanical and electrical architecture. The project of snake robot from field of robotics is considered as project for rescue purpose. Due to insufficient amount of safety equipment and machinery, rescuers were facing issues; therefore concept of snake robot is aiming at enhancing the quality of rescue. As the motion of snake robot will taken as much closer to snake movement (Side wings crawling, rectilinear crawling, Concertina, Serpentine) so moving in these modes the robot snake will also be able to move in almost with freedom of angle at any surface within the limits of its programming and structure.

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