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Essay: The Evolution of Cell Phones through My Life

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When I look back at cell phones from when I was born to now, cell phones have changed. When we first got a cell phone, it was a Nokia, now it contains iPhones, Samsung’s, and iPads. My first phone was a Nokia, it was a pre-paid phone. Many people in our society has no idea about pre-paid, they only know about bundles, unlimited minutes, and Wi-Fi. Cell phones have changed our lives. It has went from 2000s, keyboards, to 2014, touch screens. In my life cell phones has changed how I live, and the society around us.
In 2002, the Nokia 3510 (i) came out (Landmark). People thrived for this phone, it was new, more advanced than other things. Unlike the rest of the people in the world thriving for a Nokia phone, my family did not care. We really were not about technology back then, we were about fun, adventurous things in nature and spending quality time with each other because my mom worked a lot. We did not have hand held phones, we did not really much care. Then all of a sudden my family had phones. Finally, we got a cell phone. The cell phone made life seem simple, too simple for that time era. This was the beginning of the tech savvy family my family is today.
The smartphones came out. The smartphone was a device that let you Google stuff, and download games, called apps. This made people thrive even more, because the networks changed and made up so many new things. Some of these apps were social media apps, like Snap chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People loved the new ideas of posting, tweeting, and everything else. These smartphones also were much more advanced than regular phones. When the iPhone came out it had iTunes. My household was shocked, my mother was all about this new technology.
Now, in the present day, I come home and get on my phone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPods. The cell phone is the tree, in this example, it grew branches. For example, people took a simple cell phone, made more features, shaped it differently, put more advanced stuff, and then made it more stuff that was not a cell phone. Some branches would be like iPads, iPhones, Google tablets, and other devices from Apple and Google. My life has been from landline with a spiral cord, to iPhone’s with no antenna on the top on it, from apps to texts, to video chat, to now. All of these ‘apps’ we use these things in our everyday lives is changing every single day.
The history of cell phones is tremendous. The company Nokia launched it is first phone with SMS, this cell phone had the capability in 1994, Armstrong states that texting became popular in the late 2001s (Schorn). The author states that keyboards were never designed for text messaging the way that we, teenagers, use it today (Schorn). The author is totally right in this case, they were not used like they are today. There is not really phones with keyboard buttons, the touchscreens has keyboards.
The word ‘cell phone’ has changed a lot. Before this decade in my life, it was just a phrase, a thing, a word. It was only for calling. Now it is apps, games, social medias, and service (the antenna) this word ‘cell phone’ has changed the world (Cassella).
Parents these days say kids are not that smart, and which my parents think I am smarter than some people, but not them when it comes to life lessons. I am the techy kid in my family, I fix most electronics in my family. I like doing this stuff very much, I may not know all the advanced knowledge but I fix phones, tablets, and other hand held devices. It is fun to discover what happens when someone mashes the wrong buttons, then you can fix it in one simple click usually.
My life so far is a gadget lifestyle, some people today waste their lives on gadgets though. Some families don’t get to have family time, and what ever happened to board game night? Oh well, some people will never know in the future what my generation has changed. Especially education wise where it went to chalkboards, to whiteboards, to promethean boards, to iPads and Air Server. It is an advanced world, and it is only going to prosper as time goes by. The thoughts of electronics from today to the first hand held phone is surprising of all that could happen in less than a decade. This life we cannot change, we can only help it. This is the Cell Phone Evolution, and how it has changed my lifestyle. It also affects the world, how we, as people, has changed. Text messaging is not all that great sometimes. Sometimes, especially during a friendship, or relationship. You cannot tell how a person is feeling, they are not talking to you in person, and you are just texting. You are also not getting emotions, this affects the world. Cell phones can help us, but it can hurt our personal lives. It has changed the world, people decided if it was good or bad. But they never had an agreement. This is how cell phones affect our lives, more importantly my lifestyle, and how I communicate with everyone today.

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