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Covid-19 had been declared by World health organization as a severe pandemic which had badly affected all the countries both economically and socially. Multiple countries like Spain, France, UK, USA and Germany had declared a lockdown which involved telling their citizens to remain at homes. As a result, the businesses were equally disturbed and the working people were devoid of coming to their workplaces.


The work from policy was imposed by the organizations which directed the staff to work from home through the use of multiple technologies. The social app zoom gained a lot of recognition during the pandemic and many business meetings were held through the use of this technology. The telecommunication networks were rendered as the critical services. The fixed broadband and mobile networks played an eminent role for enabling the robust transition of the different tasks from the offices to the digital platforms. The internal communication which is pivotal for the employee engagement, organizational performance and the employee well-being has been given great focus lately. The organizations made sudden redundancies and introduced latest working practices for the effective internal communication. The companies have started launching various initiatives for the enhancing of the cross-cultural collaboration in the period of pandemic so that the employees will not be cut off with each other. The remote teams will be much connected and will have enhanced communications. The companies have started making arrangements for accommodating the remote working so that the spread of the virus is contained. The technology has helped in maintaining the productivity of the employees while they are working from their homes. The employers are working now to implement new solutions which will enable them to remain productive and do their jobs successfully. The companies are also looking for the tech solutions for ensuring continuous and improved business performance. The digital technologies help in improving productivity and efficiency. They also make the organizations much more resilient for the operational disruptions. The digital transformation projects are important to implement because they will help in the better performance of an organization. Right now, different companies are making use of technology with effective communication inside and outside the organization. The reason is that they are coping with the changed circumstances through making effective use of technology. The communication with the entire workforce is done by different companies for the implementation of digitalization. While the sensing technologies and the communication technologies have managed to cope with the organizational demands, there are certain areas which need improvement too. For addressing of the potential congestions, the capabilities of the local connectivity through the device to device communication must be utilized. These technologies still need maturity for their deployment. There is a wide room for improvement in terms of the connectivity and innovation. Other technologies which have played their part during the pandemic are sensing capabilities and tracking capabilities which are being developed for the early isolation of the different areas and contact tracing. The use of machine learning has also been increased during the pandemic and the organizations are benefitting greatly.


The optimization approaches, technologies and architectures for the multimedia applications like virtual and augmented reality are being utilized as well. Several technologies already existed for supporting the organizational communication before but the digital shift pertaining to the leadership, work and the business interactions will grow deeply with the passage of time. For the sales and the marketing functions, it will definitely facilitate the collaborative endeavours for the serving and the engaging of the customers.


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