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  • Snobby Bank’s Public Access Banking PCs - devices and networks
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Devices and Networks

Snobby Bank’s Public Access Banking PCs

Devices and Networks


Snobby Bank is a very well-known company with an aim of attracting more young customers by offering in a house access to computers and equipment for their banking activities.
This report will be outlining the user requirements needed to design an appropriate computing solution to improve services for the customers. In order for us to fulfil the companies’ need we will need to ask some questions which will help us find out what is the best for The Snobby Bank, this is what the user requirements will include. The User requirement will include information such as the questions we asked them and how they replied back to the questions.

Based on information we were given we were also able to find out what their budget for the computers and the equipment was. This helped us pick and identify what computers were the best, specification wise and also based on price. This report will also include an Infrastructure design including justification of why we thought the software’s, components and hardware’s was needed.
To finish off the report we will be including a critical review of what we have done in order to pick the 8 computers and the equipment we picked alongside it. The critical review will highlight the main things in the report but short and straight to the point. It will also cover the price of how much we spent and if the budget they gave to us was reasonable for what they were asking for.

User Requirements:

In this section we will be providing some questions that we asked Snobby Banks and answers that Snobby bank provided us with in order to help us find the best computers that is suited for the company. This section is broken down so you can see each question that was asked by them and the answer that they gave us back.

1) Question 1

Before we can proceed further in this we will need to know the budget for the project?

Based on the feedback that we have received from our customers we have decided to go for something that meets the company’s budget but also meets the criteria that is expected from the customers. Having talked to our team we came to a final decision that are budget for this project is £15,000, as we believe this is a reasonable price.

2) Question 2
You said in your description that you needed some type of equipment alongside the computers, what type of equipment were you referring to?

Yes that is right, when we said equipment we were talking about the following products. At the moment the way the bank is setup is that we do not have anywhere at the moment where we can put the computers. So some sought of computer table would be appropriate for this. When it comes to what type of table we need we were not too sure so hopefully that is also something else that you can help us with when purchasing the computer.

3) Question 3
Does the computer need any specific software in order for the in-house access to work?
Yes, the computer does need specific software but as it has been installed on previous computers we already have the software that is required. We can no longer discuss what software it is that we are using as it is a breach of conduct.
4) Question 4
5) Does the computer that you require need any precise specs in order for the software to run on it?
The computers that we have currently got in the bank all of them run on the same operating system which is Windows 7 Professional and all have the following specs Intel i3 Core, 1TB and 8GB of RAM. So anything that uses the following specs would be suitable.
6) Question 5
We know that in your description you mentioned a few things based on what you were going to be using the computer on. Just to make sure that Snobby bank gets the right computers for their customers I wanted to know what you will be allowing customers to use the computer for?
Yes this is right, as you have noticed when you go to the bank customers usually come inside the bank to do activities such as ask why a certain amount has been taken out of there account. This is usually time consuming and customers behind may be inpatient so in order to speed up the waiting process we require personal computers where customers can see an overview of their account and make changes such as address change and other problems they may have with their account.
7) Question 6
How is your information on the computer going to be backed up?
Snobby Bank has been a company that has been around for a very long time and we have seen the importance of backing up data and information especially when it’s other people personal information. So one of the ways we back up our data is by cloud so after every day we have ICT Team who back up the system to avoid loss of details and money. Every computer that is purchased by the bank is automatically connected to our backup server so that everything that is processed on that computer is monitored and safe after working hours.
8) Question 7
Would you prefer an all in one computer or a standalone computer?
We would prefer an all in one computer because it means that there are less wires and it is much easier to control than having the big machine and screen. We also want it to look appealing to our target audience, which is the younger generation as they are more fascinated in new gadgets and electronics.
9) Question 8
As a company you have made a decision to get exactly 8 computers, were you intentions for all the 8 computers to be the same or for them to be different?

We would prefer for the 8 computers to be the same as it makes it easier for them to set up and installed.
10) Question 9
Where would you be placing the computers in the bank?
We were looking to place the computers on the right hand of the store, we have got a design so you know how much space you have. The reason we are looking to place it on the right hand of the store is because of security reasons as that side is attached to the back wall which is next to the IT Technician office that we have so it makes it easy to control. It also means that it is harder for people to try and steal the computers as it is not facing the window.
The best place for the computers to be placed is in front of the Technician room which is on the right hand side of the store. It is suitable because it is also visual for the staff to monitor. This location is also suitable because it prevents thieves from stealing it.

ICT Infrastructure Design
This section will provide information of some of the software and hardware that we thought was appropriate for the company and justification as to why we had decided to go for what we went for.
Based on the information that was gathered one of the main things that was needed was Anti-Virus for the computer. Over the years hacking has become more vicious and places like banks and high ranked companies are being targeted so for this reason security for the computer is very important. We looked over some security products that would be reasonable and we came over Kaspersky, which is a well-established company that has been known for their good works over the past and present years. This computer security not only makes sure that online banking and personal banking details are safe but it also makes sure that things such as fraud is prevented. We looked over different types of software’s that we could of picked but the one thing that made this software stand out is that it is both anti-virus and fraud prevention software so it protects both and can be used for unlimited devices. It also makes sure that when customers are making transactions on the public access computer that their details are private.
Cyber criminals are always finding new ways of attacking computer systems so going for Kaspersky was one of the best choices as once it is installed it is very user friendly and it easy for the bank to control and monitor the system, the Kaspersky software includes server-side security technology which means it is less hassle for the company. In the user requirements The Snobby Bank said that their budget for the project was 15k so going for something which was a fair price but reliable was very important. We contacted the company and they were aware of how many computers it is going on and they gave us a price of £510 for unlimited devices so if Snobby Bank ever want to purchase more computers in the future and they wanted to upload the software they will be able to.
Computer, Hardware & Components:
In the interview that was taken place with Snobby Bank, they informed us that they just wanted 8 reliable computers that were user friendly for all types of customers to use but were attractive as they are trying to attract more young customers. So when looking for a reasonable computer one type of computer that came to my attention was an all in one computer. The reason why an all in one would be suitable in this case is that an all in one is more appealing than having a standard computer as it will attract the younger generation as it is the newest product design on the market.
After interviewing Snobby Bank we were informed that they would prefer all 8 machines to be the same as it wouldn’t make sense having different computers as it would take longer to set up because they are all different, it also means some computers may be a faster or slower than others which could cause frustration for customers and staff. The machine that we thought was appropriate for all 8 machines was the HP Envy Recline 23-k470na. Working around computers one of the most stressful situations is waiting for the computer to load so a computer with a high end processor is well needed as this computer will have to handle a number of personal details on a daily basis. The reason for picking this computer that we chose is starting with the processor of the computer, the processor of the computer runs on an Intel Core i7 Processor which is one of the latest models of the Intel Family which means that the performance of the computer will be one of the best.

We also looked into computers with AMD processors which were around the same speed and same price but we then thought of what is needed for the company and the Intel processor suited the needs of the company more as it is a good processor for things such as multi-tasking, on the other hand the AMD processor is better for things such as graphics, gaming and designing. We then looked over the response we got from Snobby Bank in the interview and they mentioned that they are only using the computer for Public banking so a public computer that customers can sue to instead of going to the main counter so things such as dedicated graphic cards will not matter as much as they will be paying much more for something they will not need. Another reason that we thought the i7 processor would be more reasonable in this case is because it will be running a very large software which requires a lot of power, so to make sure that the software runs smoothly we thought the Intel i7 processor would be much suited as it runs on 2.7 GHz which is a good speed to be working with.
Moving on from the processor one thing that we looked at was the operating system of the computer one of the main operating system that is used on most of the computers nowadays is Windows. Customers want computers that are reliable and that they are familiar with so when people see Windows they are more likely to trust it as it is a trusted brand. There was also other operating systems such as The Apple Family which is also another strong brand but the problem that we had with this was that customers as well as workers may find it more difficult to adjust to this operating system as it is Apple and it is different from what they are used to working with more. The Snobby Bank company said that the computers that they are currently using In the bank runs on Windows so it will be easier for them to use and if there is any troubleshooting problems or overall problems with the computer it will make the job of the technician easier as he knows how to function the operating system.
One of the main details that also drew my attention to this computer was the full HD 23inch screen that came with it. The reason for this is because it is a bank and all types of customers come in so it would be reasonable as some customers may have difficulty seeing things from different angles and such so a small screen would probably not do justice as if they have problems seeing it will be difficult for them. When it comes to Security a smaller screen would protect a customer’s details more but we have come up with a solution to making sure that the big screen would not affect the security of customers personal details and this will be done by placing cubicles so that only the customer can see there details and if someone is looking over their shoulders they would be able to see. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 which means that most of the details that will appear on the screen will be clear for people who may have difficulty seeing properly. One of the main features that has taken over the market is touch screen you see it on mobile phones, computers, TV’s and Monitors so I thought as they are looking to attract much more younger customers into the Bank having a touch screen computer would appeal to them more as they are a generation that has been raised to this new market of electronics so they would be more likely to come in when they see the touch screen feature. Another reason why we have picked this touch screen feature more is because some people prefer using touch screen over mouse and keyboard but on the other hand the computer comes along with a keyboard and mouse which means that if customers are not too comfortable with using the touch screen they can always go back to the traditional way of doing things and use the keyboard and mouse.

RAM also known as Random Access Memory is a device that allows information to be stored on the computer and also allows it to be retrieved. The RAM of the computer is very important when picking out a computer because if the RAM of the computer is low some types of software’s may not run on the computer and it may affect the speed of the computer or even the software. Snobby Bank mentioned that there will be a high volume of information that will be accessed so they need something that runs on an average of 8GB in order for their software to run smoothly on their computer as 8GB is what is currently running on the banks computers. The HP ENVY Recline runs on 12GB of RAM which was good for this scenario as the higher the RAM is the faster the programs and software will run it. When handling personal information it is very vital that customers are not waiting very long for their personal information to load.
Moving on from the fact the computer has 12GB of RAM it also runs on 8MB of cache which is was of the largest sizes that you can get it this is one of the main reason why the price of the computer is a bit more expensive than the other all in ones that we could have chosen from. Cache memory is a type of memory that acts as a defence memory between the main memory and the processor this is done in order to increase the speed of the computer. The job of the cache is to keep recently used information so that at a later date it can be accessed. So if the size of the cache is more it means that the speed of getting information loaded will be faster. There are different types of cache when it comes to computers but for the computer that was chosen it is known as a processor cache. The benefit of having a CPU Cache in the computer is that it reduces the average time to the access memory. This means that the process of loading information is quicker. There are three types of layers for cache that you can get L1, L2 and L3. The cache for the computer that was chosen is a L3 cache which means that it is slower than the rest in speed but it is bigger in size so it means that you can save more but a computer with a L1 or L2 cache would have less storage space so in the long run it will be slower because the capacity that it can take is small so it may take long to load information in the future but the bigger the capacity means that there will be more space so the computer will find places to store it.
For health and safety reasons we decided to go for a computer where there are less wires to provoke any accidents from occurring things such as: tripping over wires or even children drinking near the devices. But we have also come up with a conclusion in order to prevent this from happening we have a table that covers the wires from any potential accidents happening. Wireless connection makes it very easier to connect because all the 8 computers will be connected to the same wireless router but if we were to connect these through Ethernet cable it would means that they would be a lot more wires which open doors for things to happen.

Equipment’s that are needed:
During the meeting that was taken place with snobby bank there were a few things that we went over including equipment and we talked about the different types of equipment that were needed. One of the things that we thought was very important was making sure that we get well secured tables for us to put the computers on. The types of tables that we decided to go for were lab types of tables, the reason behind this is because they are long, strong and secure. The table will have 8 holes in them where the computers will be placed. We have chosen this specific table because it prevents any of the wires going missing and it even stops criminals from stealing any of the computers as all the wires will be hidden so customers can only see the screen.

This is a print screen of a diagram that I created showing you how all the computers will be connected to the server. This diagram was created on Microsoft word which I then print screened and then carried it over to the report.
Over the cause of this report we have covered a wide range of materials to back up our information as to why we picked the 8 computers that we did. We covered User Requirements to gain more information from the company, the User Requirements gave us an overview of what was expected from us. The User Requirements also allowed us to spot out some key equipment and components that the company themselves didn’t think they would need such as the Anti-virus protection. We done this by asking them a number of questions which helped us gain knowledge on how to improve Snobby Bank in house access.
Moving on from the User Requirements we also created an ICT Infrastructure design. The infrastructure design included a design of how we expect the layout to look like and what components will be connected. After careful research and thinking we picked 8 computers that we thought suited the scenario and we gave justifications as to why they were suitable based on the specification and even the design. The justification that was given covered things such as: Hardware, Software and Components and what value the components will add

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