Essay: Development communities in fragile states

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  • Development communities in fragile states
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The greatest challenges of development at this time is to assist the fragile states find a way into justifiable peace and development. Providing a fast and effective response when conflicts erupts in these fragile states does not offer a permanent solution. The reason is that these conflicts greatly hurts the development and stability especially the Gross Domestic Product of the country even when it happens for a short period of time. The best solution would be mechanisms that focus on prevention and mitigation of the conflicts in the fragile countries.
The mechanisms to prevent and reduce the fierceness would be developed by collaboration of development groups and international communities concerned with global peace and stability. To be able to win the war against conflicts in fragile states, the development community must focus on security measures, the governance and political scopes, and the social, environmental and economic scopes as well. These measures can be effected even when there is no looming conflict, and their significance will benefit the concerned state and prevent spill-over of violence to the neighboring states.
In terms of security matters, the development community should engage in disarmament of the communities in conflict including the military forces and the armed civilians participating in the ongoing conflict. The affected group of people should be demobilized to stop the attitude of retaliation against the other involved groups. Soldiers, women and children should be integrated into the society through special programs headed by specialist and facilitated by the development community in association with the international community. Quick reform measures should be inculcated into the security sector to sensitize the armed forces against the negative impacts such as diminishing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), associated with the conflict and instability. The containment of small arms and light weapons (SALW) should be effected immediately the development community engages.
The governance and political extents should be put under investigation to limit their contributions towards the crisis at hand. Corruption allegations that might have fueled the conflicts should be investigated and addressed legally according to the laws of that state, or through the International Criminal Court if the case cannot be handled in the country. The illegitimate institutions in that country should be strengthened through proper reforms. For instance, the ruling of the judicial courts might have caused disagreement between one group and another and therefore facilitating the grounds to spark a conflict. For such a case, justice through the supreme courts should be effected to reduce fierceness or end the fight. The development community should focus on curbing of violation of basic human rights by the government or by another group of people, promoting transparency and efficiency in operations in the fragile state, management of trauma both in the armed forces and the members of the society, strengthening the media and the operational civil societies, provision of awareness and basic education to the society, as well as promoting democracy and supporting the country’s political and administrative operations.
In addition, focus of development team can be geared towards monitoring and encouraging fair exploitation of natural resources, non-marginalization of the minority groups, reintegration of both the internally displaced people and the refugees into the society. Also the team should encourage promotion of employment opportunities, health, education, and reviving of the state’s economy.
In conclusion, a development community can be able to shift ways of action from that of response to prevention and moderation of the conflicts that arise in the fragile states. It is beneficial to both the concerned state and the neighboring states. It yields more benefits when prevention is employed rather than finding solutions for the outcomes of the devastating conflicts. Efforts should be directed towards governance, security, political and social scopes in that state.

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