The arab culture in negotiations

Within the scope of this research, we will elaborate on Arab culture in the negotiations. We will also discuss the similarities and differences between the Arab culture and western culture in the negotiation. Since the term ‘Arab culture’ is a rather general one, and even in different countries that are associated with Arab culture negotiations styles may vary (not conceptually, but in some minor details, for instance), it would be more useful to base this analysis on a specific country that would encompass characteristics of most other Arabic countries.

Violence is a pervasive aspect of existence

Violence is a pervasive aspect of existence. Violence occurs at all levels of social life.(Deutsch,1991) There is violence within the household, violence between religions, violence between races, violence between the weak and the strong, both individually and communally, violence as a criminal act and violence between communities, mankind has perpetrated violence on itself. Before we examine the question of Is violence a social construct we must first look at the root causes of violence to better understand why it happens, and to better understand that violence is a part of who we are and part of what allows us to function as a human race. Violence is a social construct to such an extent it is ingrained into our whole human evolution.

The limits of influence-america’s role in kashmir

Howard Schaffer’s The Limits of Influence : America’s Role in Kashmir is the thirty sixth volume in the series of books published by the Diplomats and Diplomacy Series (created by The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training(ADST) and Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired (DACOR) ) to increase public knowledge and appreciation of the professionalism of American diplomats and their involvement in world history.