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Use a story and take detours

Go in order of relevance

Educational experience with professors- certain skills with criminal law class and law and popular culture class-distorted version of law through media and public perception as opposed to reality.

Reading Illinois criminal procedure statutes and getting a feel for the language and legal reasoning. Reading landmark criminal law cases and completing case briefs.

– I have been on the Dean’s list for the past two quarters at DePaul University.

Don’t talk about yourself, but show it.

My diverse cultural background makes me a unique candidate for law school. I am fluent in both English and Urdu/Hindi, and I am conversationally proficient in Spanish. I was born in America, yet my parents and sister are originally from Pakistan. I have a strong personal connection to my extended family in Pakistan. Additionally, my vacations to Pakistan have equipped me with a distinct perspective. (becoming an agent for social change- Pakistani police and legal system corruption) Seeing firsthand the social, economic and political difficulties that Pakistanis face has enhanced my value for the immeasurable opportunities America offers. As I have matured, it has become imperative that I remain grateful for every resource and experience at my dispense. (when I came back to America, I was not only grateful for America’s quality legal system and the fact that we have clean running water) I am twenty-five years old and my desire for personal growth matches my academic aspirations. I am highly self-aware and regularly reflect on my life. This reflection has allowed me to examine aspects of myself and shift directions when I become stagnant. I strongly consider my faults and mistakes to be my greatest strengths, since I use the past to navigate my future. Learning from minor mistakes has prevented me from being entangled in greater tribulations.

When I see a problem, I do not ignore it. Whether I am facing a problem or someone close to me is, I do not use Band-Aids to cover issues. I face the problem head-on and welcome the challenge. I am not afraid to indulge myself within the issue to arrive at a practical solution. While this ideology comes with the drawback of a messy, time-consuming situation, through my experiences I have learned to draw the line. I prioritize which people and problems will most reasonably benefit from my time. Additionally, once I have employed persistence with my best efforts, I can acknowledge when its time to discontinue my attempts.

Maintain a balance between being empathic towards a client’s needs and objectively focusing on problem-solving techniques.

Identify with people of diverse backgrounds. Share similar experiences of being a local and a foreigner.


Volunteering at Bridging the Gap because I have a need to be connected to the community through volunteer work. Twice a month, I help the organization to provide food and clothing to poor people in Chicago.

I have always lent a helping hand to strangers, but for the past six months, I have committed to volunteering at Bridging the Gap.

Because of my outlook, volunteer work has become an important part of my life. Volunteer work- my need to connect with the community and give back to the community with all that I have been given.

-talk about car x- assistant manager

-leadership skills, While I was working as an assistant manager at Car X, the shop manager left town for a family emergency. I was given the responsibility of managing the shop for two weeks. Through this experience I faced adversity

quick on your feet, initiative

difficulties of running a business

I showed determination when I became the manager for two weeks while the boss was out of town for a family emergency. Although it was stressful,

– determination in the face of adversity, problem-solving skills

My work experience as an assistant manager at Car X has given me the opportunity to acquire strong leadership qualities and excellent customer service skills. I believe in building relationships through strong interpersonal communication. I understand the value of networking and have committed to engaging in meaningful conversation that can develop into a personal or professional bond. These abilities allowed me to form relationships with Car X customers from a range of professions. I bonded with an attorney Brad Bleakney who is a name partner at Bleakney & Troiani Ltd. and was able to secure an internship based off of my character and intellect. Through this legal internship, I received firsthand experience and mentorship…

-internship experience with Bleakney

Mentorship- discussing lsat, Mr. Bleakney’s alma mater john Marshall law school, law school applications, law schools, legal education, employment opportunities and difficulties, different areas of law which are more or less successful, how to be a lawyer, trials, settlements, appeals, attorney-client relationship and etiquette- calm and understanding, bringing new business to the firm, challenges of becoming partner, and challenges of being partner.

-internship experience with Bott

Exposure to the law- through bott’s internship

During my first week as a legal intern at Bott & Associates, an elderly couple walked into the firm and nervously asked me if they could have a consultation with Mrs. Bott. The couple explained how important it was for their will and estate to be distributed in a manner that would not create conflict among their children and grandchildren. These legal affairs meant a great deal to them because they expressed worry over whether an attorney had the ability to manage their complex family dynamics. Additionally, they were skeptical that an attorney would have their best interests at heart. I relayed their concerns to Mrs. Bott and she responded with confidence that she would protect interests be handle care

Mrs. Bott called me into the conference room and had me sit across from an elderly couple. She explained that the couple was signing their will and needed a witness.

Later—they were so comfortable and confident that their wishes were fulfilled in their wills and estate plans. They felt empowered and mrs bott was the cause.

-old people were vulnerable and I saw attorney-client relationship and how much trust the clients have in her. How she did not abuse that power, but used it responsibly and to her client’s advantage – in legal strategy.

As I witnessed Mrs. Bott use the law as a tool to secure the futures of the elderly couple’s family, I became inspired to pursue a career in law to empower others and provide them with a sense of security.

My passion for law is driven by my strong sense of empathy. I want to help others by righting injustices.

Justice/helping people- do the right thing (integrity)

Bott intern experience- I had the opportunity to receive first-hand experience with legal procedures and documentation of wills and estate planning. As an intern, I demonstrated dependability and good judgment. I also learned to work under pressure, which in turn, gave me the tools to work efficiently in a timely manner.

Why do I want to be a lawyer?

I like the systematic structure of law. I appreciate the specificity involved in every aspect. I respect the creativity required in the application of rules and exceptions to rules in arguments and counter arguments. I respect the legal battle. I hold the legal process in high esteem.

When I experience educational and personal stress, I manage my stress through faith, which helps to put life’s difficulties into perspective. I will continue to exercise and perfect this ability as law school challenges intensify.

Qualities that are applicable to law school- give examples when possible.

-Leadership potential, integrity and accountability, intellectual curiosity, determination in the face
of adversity, problem-solving skills, resiliency, motivation, compassion, creativity, and the ability to relate well with people.

-Through my ability to listen intently, I am able to gain people’s trust. They truly believe that I care about their experiences and about their life.

-I focus on the finer details in life.


(Conclusion- Through these experiences I have gained a lot of qualities and  entering the legal field will afford me a lifetime of such opportunities.)

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