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The main purpose of the article is to give a an overview of the relationship based on the social processes of leadership and organizing. The article concentrates on a lot of theories. To name the major ones it speaks about entity perspective, relational perspective, a combination of both and expands on relational leadership theory. The later has been overlooked by many researchers as an integral part. Instead have been researching on the individuals and the relations( attributes of entity relationships) and elaborate relational networks consisting of varied members of an organization and the interplay of affects that occur along. The relational leadership theory stands as the main purpose of the discussion. Having a unified framework for each types of perspectives offered based on the article is not the main purpose. Using all of these perspectives and theories and engaging them with one another and see to that a contribution is made towards learning a more fundamental concept of relational dynamics of leadership and organizing. The article talks about how a process can be formed from both perspectives of relation ships and relational dynamics. This theory does not concentrate on the old habits of proof of relationship being that of manager and leader. It focuses on the process of which leadership is produced and conducted.

2. What are the major contributions of the article to leadership theory?

Relational theory is fairly new, which leads us to the question of what exactly it is. according to the article the author talks about two kinds of perspectives that are spoken while trying to explain about the relational theory. Entity perspective, the first one is a kind of perspective that focuses on individuals and the attributes that can be identified while they engage to form an interpersonal relationship. The individuals here are thought as entities with a separation in place which is recognized clearly as the internal self and outside environment. Based on this we can come to the conclusion that reality is solely based on higher level management and the orders followed. The second kind of perspective that is spoke in the article is that of the relational perspective. This talks about how the relationship created is based on a social construction of a process which is used to create certain understanding of leaders. It is a process using which social order is both constructed and changed when necessary. Unlike the former perspective, here the internal self and outside environment is taken as different but they are taken as coevolving in certain ways that it has to be accounted for in the research pertained to leadership theory. The article provides us a theory based on both the perspectives put together. Using which a theory is constructed that the relational leadership theory as a framework is a social influence process, through these, emerging conditions are constructed and produced. RLT draws from both to explore more in detail organizing and leadership when it comes to relational dynamics.

3.What is the core theory the article presents?

The core theory that the article presents is that of to RLT ( relational leadership theory ). As explained before it is the study of both the relational dynamics and the relationships itself. This can be seen as leadership in something which is already being organized or also so see it as something in a process of organizing. It sees that leadership can occur in any direction – meaning it does not have to occur hierarchically nor only based on the where the social change process occurs well outside the normal assumptions. The core theory and the definition of the RLT and what it actually is clearly said by the author by stating that it is a social influence process through which evolving social order and change are constructed and produced.

4. How does the article relate to previous research in the field?

As stated before the main purpose of the article by the author was to give a concept using the previous research findings which uses both entity and relational perspective. They were classified based on the article as individual and process.

a. The entity perspective included LMX theory, charismatic relationship, Hollanders relational theory, relation and collective self, triads, LMX-MMX sharing network theory and Rost’s postindustrial leadership.

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