Gender Differences in Using Language, Dialect Variation And Children Genders in Language Acquisition

I. INTRODUCTION Does gender difference influence the language? Firstly, the language must be defined in order to answer the question. People do not care how the language works, how it affects our relationships, that is, people do not notice the power of language. It is an indispensable means of communication for people and language is … Read more

Nietzsche – Metaphorical basis of language / birth of Greek tragedy / genealogical approach to morality

Nietzsche In Friedrich Nietzsche’s essay On Truth and Lying in an Extra-Moral Sense, he defines truth as “a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, anthropomorphisms, in short, a sum of human relations which were poetically and rhetorically heightened” (Nietzsche 250). This definition seems to reverse the culturally known order of doing things. Most would state that … Read more

The Intrigue of Birdsong and Other Vocalizations

Shared characteristics in language between ourselves and other species You are only able to read this paper right now because I communicated it to you through language and you (hopefully) understood. Command of words is a skill thus far known to be unique to humans, and one could argue that the capability of speech is … Read more

What is a human? (complexity of language)

Module PS3031 – Conceptual Issues and Theoretical Perspectives 26 September 2018 What is a human? Twentieth century psychoanalyst Erich Fromm defined humans as, “the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve” (Fromm, 1947). This “problem” has been constantly defined or reinterpreted from biological, philosophical, evolutional, and sociological … Read more

How Gender Roles and Extroversion Effects How Much People Talk

Gill, A. J, & Oberlander, J. (2002). Taking care of the linguistic features of extraversion. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 24. Retrieved from Gill and Oberlander share their findings of Extraverts talking more than Introverts. With the hypotheses of Extroverts being louder and engaging more frequently in conversations, Introverts … Read more


The vociferous rise and protracted collapse of the British Empire over the last half millennium has shaped modern linguistics perhaps more dramatically than any other human phenomenon. Famously, at its zenith, the sun never set on the Union Jack, and therefore on the Anglosphere. Within a postmodern context, including the presence of the majority English-speaking … Read more

Kachru’s three circles model/double negation/Australian English

1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Kachru’s ‘three circles’ model for conceptualizing World Englishes. Cite as least one country that does not fit neatly into this model and explain why is the case. (3.5 points) The division of English into English as a Native Language (ENL), English as a Second Language (ESL), and English … Read more