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Learning English is undoubtedly an advantage and added value for many reasons, but very few possess the time and the ability to go in a formal way to the educational centers of learning English language is necessary for many causes, including: progress or advancement in working, English is the dominant language in the world and is the official language of the majority of countries, the need for language also during travel abroad where in each country will speak English, openness to other cultures of… etc. I intended to conduct this research to examine the use and significance of using movies to the acquisition and the development of the language skills for students, especially listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. I tried to prove that this method has a good effect for students. Also, I tried to prove that the Language teachers have been using movies in their classes for a long time a go, and there are a number of causes why film is an excellent teaching and learning tool. Explained in this research the pros and cons of this method of education. I visited The University of Dammam and made a referendum in one of the classrooms of students, also conducted an interview with 10 students. Through the interview and referendum l found that this way has a good effect and has a lot of supporters. Therefore, several students noticed the improvement of listening, speaking and acquired more phrases and words in a fun and easy way.

English is the common language among all countries in the world, any state visit in the world you’ll find their fluent so we must learn it. There are many ways to acquire the language and improve on the language skills for students. The easiest and most popular ways are through watching movies, because this way is a great idea, successful and good beginning, and alternative way for people don’t have the time and the ability to go to the educational centers and for those who don’t want to learn the language by traditional way the academic.
We all love watching movies, then why wasn’t way to learn English? That education is not exclusively for watching movies, but if a student enjoys learning the language through films this is the education through entertainment, which means that it invested with something useful and positive. It is a great method to use movies as an English learning tool for students to improve language skills, especially speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Also, it’s a great way to learn English slang, grammar rules and acquire a lot of phrases, vocabularies, expressions, and learn how we use it. For this reason, many teachers of English language now use movies in the classroom.
If you want to begin using movies as an English learning tool in your home and you’re a beginner in English, here are some important tips. First get some children movies or choose the movies you saw it already. Saw this film with subtitles and write new words and phrases for you on notebook to find their meanings later. If your advanced level, writes words you don’t understand it and then run the translation of the scene which was not understood, by the next time you will notice that you no need to turn on the translation.
“Using films in the classroom were new and very pleasant experience for the students. They claim that they enjoyed the assigned activities in the classroom. Students were more motivated to see and hear real life situation than to follow the activities in the graded book. Their impress Students claim that using movie is a good way to improve English vocabulary and gives them more chances to practice English”. (PhD. Xhemaili, Mirvan??N.13, 2013)
Literature Review
In that respect there are many established writers and teachers of the English language talks about using film as an English learning tool. Here are quotes of some of their words.PhD. Xhemaili, Mirvan High Lector, Language Center, South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia says “The general impression of the teachers is that films have a positive effect on students ‘ language learning process. They believe that using films combined with the readers helped students to become active participants in the classroom activities”.
He also stated: “Teachers claim that films can enhance the communicative competence; they improve learners ‘ interaction in class and provide students with more opportunities to use English”.
Kara Griffin is an instructor at Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute in Spokane, Washington, thinks that through film students learn slang traded between people. “The language of movies reflects the language of real-life America. This is the language that students will hear on the streets, in the shops, in all facets of real life”.
David M. Stewart thinks that students can reach University with many problems in a language such as misunderstanding, limited vocabulary and other problems. And the film could help them overcome those problems. “Students arrive in university with many English language problems: poor comprehension, limited vocabulary, slow reading, bad grammar, nonexistent conversational skills, to name the most obvious. Films can help on all counts.”
The benefits of using the film in teaching English language:
Using the film in teaching language is an excellent educational activity and a great learning tool. You will get and learn the language in a live interactive, realistic, and learn English in the same way children learn of their mother tongue, when you see a movie you are merging your mind with the characters that you see in reality you are monitoring, this method is the parent to learn any new language. You learn words in context, in dialogue and debate in analog, so you will learn how to use the words before saves their meaning.
Another benefits are, you can from through watching movies Know and understand the culture of the other: one of the basics that make us able to understand any language is to know and understand the culture of the language, and that employers help their knowledge and understanding of language. Also, learn about the different dialects and different pronunciations of the vocabulary. Other benefits are you can learn the meanings of vocabulary without using a dictionary.
The most important point is increasing your inventory of vocabulary, strengthen and save words in your mind. Another benefit of using movies is learning phrases and proverbs in spoken language. Also improve the ability of listening and the level of reading and the writing. Movies are providing students with examples of English used in ‘real’ situations outside the classroom. It’s very helpful, especially when you are watching movies without translation because it’s making your accent better. You develop your understanding of spoken English. It’s really fun way, you will not feel bored because the story and the plot grab you to complete the film, you learn and at the same time enjoy this artwork, so will spend more hours to learn and see.
Some language learners through the films they see its defects such as:
First defects are the film presents informal talking, so sometimes these series and movies show a lot of swear words or other good or acceptable in our society and our culture. Second defects are they’re not they follow many of the rules means the language closer to the slang and for this reason will be initially wrong. The conversation is at a faster stride, and then it becomes tough for a non native speaker to understand the accent. Also, he will have to pause and play back a scene many times to understand what exactly was said.
Significance of Research
This research tries to prove that Watching English movies are one of the methods of literacy in English and alternative way to not have the time and the ability to go to the educational centers. This method has a good effect on students in the acquisition and the development of language skills such as listening, writing, pronunciation, speed reading, spoken language understanding, understanding the rules and structures, and learns new words and phrases with a fun and easy way.
Research Question
This research aims to find out if the watching movies can help students to the acquisition and the development of the language skills such as listening, pronunciation, speed reading, speech understanding, understanding the grammar rules, structures, and learn new words and phrases in considerable significance.
Research Methodology
I will do a referendum for students of English departments in the Dammam University from supporters and opponents of this way of learning, after the referendum we will distribute CDs of educational films and entertainment as a gift to them. After that I will start a structured interview with 15 students one by one who used this method of the acquisition and the development of the language skills to estimate the benefit they have got in terms of vocabulary, speaking and listening, and what problems they faced in using this learn method.
Ethical Considerations
The Referendum and interview were conducted with students English departments in the University of Dammam for girls, so I will keep their names secret on the desire.
Limitations of Research
My research was in Dammam city. It was a referendum for students of the English department in the Dammam University from supporters and opponents of this method of learning. Also, I met 10 of the students who study English and benefited from this method to learn and improve many of language skills. If my research included male students, or other universities I think it would be more positive and better results.
Expected Result
I expect after applying this method of learning, there will be a significant improvement in the level of students and also help them develop the language skills, the acquisition of new vocabulary and new phrases in short period. Also improve the reading, structures, and the grammar rules. This is the conclusion of the referendum result and there were many supporters of this way of learning, and this shows that students have taken advantage of this way of learning a language.
PhD. Xhemaili, Mirvan.”The Advantages of Using Films to Enhance Student’s Reading Skills in the EFL Classroom “the Journal of Education and Practice.ISSN 2222-1735 (Paper) ISSN 2222-288X (Online) Vol.4, No.13, 2013 from:http: //www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/JEP/article/view/6775
Kara Griffin. “Reel Talk: Movies, Values, and Language Acquisition “the journal of the imagination in language learning and teaching. Volume III – 1995-1996, from: http://www.njcu.edu/cill/vol3/griffin.html
David M. Stewart. “Film English: Using Films to Teach English”from:
Interview questions
1- What do you think of the acquisition and the development of language skills by watching movies?
2- Have you followed this way of learning?
3- How can film help you learn English?
4- How were your language and your vocabulary words when you started up the films for learning?
5- Did you notice an improvement in your level?
6-How many percent has improved into your language through film?
7- What are the new skills learned after you follow this way of learning?
8- Did you experience problems using this method?
9- Would you recommend this method?

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