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Essay: Back to Australia

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  • Back to Australia
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Out of all the airports in the world you could be stranded in, Malaysia is not the ideal place. With all your flights cancelled, you feel panic in your brain, butterflies in your stomach and the sense that you may not be at home tomorrow.

One week ago, my family and I had gone to the remote country, Nepal. Nepal is home to Mount Everest and thirty-one million residents. It is in South Asia surrounded by India, China and Pakistan. Whilst we were there, we visited our relatives and to attend a religious ceremony. Time flew in Nepal and we were all blessed to have a safe journey to Australia.

When my family and I arrived in Malaysia, we were amazed by how the airport is like. In our minds, we thought that the Malaysian Airport would be smelly, dirty and inhabitable. Malaysia’s airport was the complete opposite of how we imagined it, clean, habitable and had had restaurants. We wished to explore the airport, but our flight to Australia was in twelve-hours. We all had to know which gate our plane was departing. When we walked over to the flight board, my family and I searched for our plane. When we found our plane number, beside it, it said in bright bold letters, cancelled. That was how we knew disaster was approaching

Soon my family and I learnt our fate we listed our priorities, food, water and shelter. We all decided to try and get food. We all walked to reception and my dad said, “Our flight to Australia was cancelled. We have a limited amount of money and getting food and water is difficult.”

The mature woman opposite my dad replied, “We need confirmation that you and your family’s flight to Australia had been cancelled.”

My dad showed the woman our plane tickets.

She then said, “Thank you for your tickets. To support you along your journey, the Malaysian Airport will be giving you food vouchers. These food vouchers will only work in restaurants in the Malaysian Airport”

My dad thanked her, and we walked away, discussing what we shall eat.

The options for eating were McDonalds, Oporto and Subway. My sister and I suggested those fast-food restaurants that we thought would have been in the airport. We were expecting these fast-food restaurants to be in a major airport. When my dad searched Subway in Malaysia Airport, there were no results shown. The same thing happened with McDonalds and Oporto. But every time my father searched for the fast-food stores, Burger King would be shown. Then my family and I agreed to eat lunch at Burger King, we first sought to find the store. Eventually, we found Burger King. My mum ordered two hamburgers for the family to share. After we all ate, we decided to try and find a ticket to go to Australia. But my stomach was not agreeing with what had just gone through.

My mum is a health-conscious person. She can recognise the symptoms if someone is sick. Knowing this, I was trying not to show the symptoms of a stomach ache. After my family and I had eaten our lunch. We vowed to venture through the Malaysian Airport to try and find a ticket. When we set off on our quest to try and find a ticket, my stomach ache was slowing me down. I put that matter at the back of my head and focus on trying to find a plane ticket. When we finally saw an official at the airport, we asked him where to find a plane ticket. He looked confused at walked away. Maybe he could not interpret English. We were walking for hours trying to find another official but when we did, they were helping other people who were stranded. Like us…

My sister and I were tired of walking. Whenever we did, we were dragging our feet along the ground. Soon my parents were also dragging their feet along the ground. Then they noticed that my sister and I were also dragging our feet. We all then sat down near the flight bard to see any news was coming. Soon my sister was asleep, and I was half-asleep when I heard my parents muttering,

“How are we going to get back home?” questioned my mum.

My dad responded, “I don’t know but we will be fine. Do you think any great human discovered the theory of evolution easily? Or the theory of relativity easily? They have fought battles and won. This is our battle. We will win!”

Then suddenly I heard a lullaby in my mind and slept.

I woke up in the middle of the path, people narrowly avoiding my fingers and head. At first, my mind was on the ice and I felt as if my family wasn’t there. I then immediately got up and turned my head being greeted by my parents’ faces. My mind calmed down and thought about the other people stranded in Malaysia trying to get to Australia. Were they accommodated? Did they get fresh food and clean water? Have they found their ticket to Australia?

It was 10 AM in Malaysia and my sister was still asleep. She was causing our family to stay behind and look after her. I then got annoyed how no progress was being made, so I shook her head around and my sister woke up. At first, she looked confused as if she was in a different place. Then she saw me, and her eyes were looser. I was getting hungry so I told my parents. They then told me that we that we should at in a restaurant but not eat too much. I agreed and we all walk to the restaurant nearest to us. We looked down at the menu and saw nothing familiar, I look further down and saw garlic bread. I’m shaking my mum’s shoulder and told her that I saw garlic bread. She went to the counter and ordered garlic bread. We all ate except my dad. Maybe something was on his mind?

My family and I are getting tired of being stranded in Malaysia. We were walking around the airport until we saw an information desk. My dad told my mum, sister and I to stay behind him. He walked over to the information desk and the man over the counter everything; about how we were stranded, got a food voucher and how no official understood English. But the man always the counter understood English. He said that if we have travel insurance we don’t have to pay for the ticket. If we don’t have travel insurance we had to pay for the tickets to get to Australia. My dad smiled with glee and showed the man our travel insurance. The man told us that the next flight to Australia was half-empty and he could give us tickets. Whilst is he was saying that the man was smiling in a joking way. And then the men gave us for boarding passes to ride on the next plane. He said, “No need to thank me. You better get going if you want to travel on the next plane”

We all thanked him whilst walking backwards.

Now I’m sitting on the sea airport waiting for the gates to be opened. Mark my mind has calmed down and my heart is beating slower. I’m walking into the plane and sinking into the seat. I guess that this was my great battle and I have won this battle.

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