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Ronnie is a girl that lives in New York, together with her mother and little brother.
She hasn’t had any contact with her dad for the last three years. This summer, everything will be different. Together with her little brother, Ronnie will spend the summer in Wilmington, North Caroline, by her dad.
At the start of the summer, Ronnie is a rebellious girl who is being annoyed that she is being forced to spend the summer with her father. She ignores everybody.
On her first day in Wilmington, Ronnie decided to go to the beach. While walking on the beach, Will, a handsome beach volleyball player, ran into her. She was not into him. But he’s into her, and he’s not giving up. He tried to make her being into him.
While walking on the beach, Ronnie found endangered turtle eggs laying on the sand. Ronnie tried to protect them so the turtle eggs won’t be eaten by the raccoons. Ronnie fell asleep on the beach. Will later sees her sleeping on the beach protecting the turtle eggs, and decided to sleep next to her on the beach. At this point, they were falling in love with each other.
Later on, Ronnie found out that her dad has cancer. He had kept it a secret to everybody.
When the church burned down, Ronnie’s brother and her dad tried to repair the church window. They were working on it the whole summer, but the dad couldn’t finish the job because of his sickness. He was too sick to finish the job. That’s when Will decided to help the family and finished the job together with Ronnie’s brother.
When Ronnie’s mother arrived to pick up Ronnie and her little brother, Ronnie’s thoughts about her dad had totally changed. Ronnie has fought for her dad the whole summer and now decided to stay with him. Besides that, she had fallen in love with Will.
The book ends when Ronnie’s dad passed out because of the cancer. During the funeral Ronnie played a song on the piano that her father had written for her. He had never finished the song so Ronnie did finish it for him.

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