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Essay: Feed by M. T. Anderson

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Plot synopsis:

  • Two guys named Marty and Link decide to go to the moon with some girls (because they are bored out of their minds).
  • The moon is pretty boring for the guys, but there is supposed to be a cool low-gravity place called Ricochet lounge.
  • They get their lodging and dinning info from something called their feeds.
  • Link keeps smashing his seat into Link’s knees, which annoys the narrator because he is trying to get some sleep.
  • The narrator thinks he has been lonely recently and hopes to hook up with someone on the moon.
  • Advertising on their feeds is not strictly accurate, as their feeds show a happening, sparky moon but it is kind of ‘dingy’ according to them.
  • The narrators name is Titus.
  • The main attraction in Ricochet lounge is a game of bumping bodies.
  • Link is a part of a ‘patriotic experiment’
  • Titus and Loga (one of the girls with them) had a relationship about 6 months back.
  • Titus realizes a very hot girl is watching them.
  • Titus goes to the snack bar area to meet her.
    Titus thinks his friends’ jabbering is making him look bad in front of the hot girl (still anonymous)
  • Quendy (another girl with them) gets a lesion.
  • The hot girl provides Titus with a very detailed and scientific explanation for the lesion on Quendy’s face.
  • All of them are flabbergasted.
  • They use a dictionary (‘English to English wordbook’)
  • The hot girl (the girl in gray) gives Quendy a hairstyle, which hides her lesion.
  • Titus finds this girl really attractive and wants to hook up with her.
  • The girl in gray is called Violet and she is there stag, to observe.
  • All three guys develop a crush for Violet and invite her to hang out with them.
  • They plan to go buy alcohol, which doesn’t require ID. When they get there they realize it has been replaced with some other shop.
  • They head back to the hotel hoping to get their hand on the minibar.
  • On their way back they run into some sort of a protest.
  • One of the slogans being broadcasted was ‘Chip in my head? I’m better off dead’.
  • Back at the hotel the boys have no luck with the minibar.
  • Sober, the gang goes to the Rumble Spot (a hip bar).
  • Gravity at the bar was being switched on and off, so the people would sometimes float and other times are on the ground.
  • An old man comes to Titus and touches the back of his neck with a metal rod. After that Titus starts broadcasting ‘we enter a time of calamity’.
  • After a while Titus is not the only one broadcasting it, it is the whole gang.
  • The police come and raid the disco. Titus and the others have been turned off.


  • It is written in the first person plural format, so the narrator is using ‘we’.
  • Unettes: Slang term for girls.
  • Feed: Transmitter Implanted inn their brains.
  • Unit: Space slang for man or dude.
  • Weatherbee and Crotch: A clothing store.

Character Traits:

  • Marty and Link: Both Marty and Link are very hard to impress, as they get bored very easily. At the start of the book, Marty and Link are bored playing with 3 electrical wires. Marty and Link are outlaws as they drink a lot, even though they are not of legal age to.
  • Titus: Titus is quite lonely and he wants to find a girlfriend. Throughout part1 Titus is pretty much satisfied with everything. Titus does not present his opinion very often, he goes along with the gang

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