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Emerging issues in the human resource managementSummary

Article discussed the significant development of the emerging issues in the Human Resource Management area of research. The prime area of research was the hospitality journals. These journals were dedicated to the management of the hospitals and their research works. One of the known journals in this field is the International Journal of the Contemporary Hospitality Management i.e. the IJCHM which is a UK based international renowned journal. There are other journals also like the Cornell, IJHM, etc. all of them discusses the wide range of topics that are the prime interest of educators, managers or in the academics. Their emphasis differs on the type of topics chosen. The impact of these journals is not only visible in UK but also in the international theater. IJCHM has hugely impacted the UAE market, the Dubai Healthcare City which is being developed on the set rules and standard made under those standards.

The article also discussed about various hotel management schools and their journals like the IJHM i.e. the International Association of Hotel Management of Schools. The IJCHM has many links with the professional bodies of the industries and also with many different sector organizations and groups like the Catering, Hotel management and International Management Associations.

On an average there are around 5 issues of these journals per year with a clear exception of the IJHTA. Each of the journals has setup their individual word limits as:

  1. IJHM: 3,000 for discussion papers and 6,000 for normal articles
  2. IJCHM: 2,500 for discussion papers and 5,000 for normal articles.

However the length does not matter as many different contributions mix their annual total output of the contributions. In general, the higher the issues per year, the higher would be the total number of papers published and because of this under the 2 year review of information, IJHTA tops the list in terms of total number of papers published (165 papers). It is then followed by IJCHM at 112 papers and then IJHM at 61 papers.

Human Resource Management is an important topic of discussion as so many papers published yearly. Currently over 100 papers have been published in the field of hospitality. Considering the human resource in mind, IJHCM has published two special editions with the prime motto of HRM in the given period.

One of the published issue discussed on the impact strategies of Human Resources on the organizational performance whereas the other issue discussed on different approaches for learning.

Impact on UAE environment

Arab countries are one of the areas which are affected most by these journals. Huge impact is clearly visible in states of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Dubai Healthcare City

: It is primarily built on the set of guidelines built by one of these journals. The healthcare city is itself providing the facility of healthcare with health education of the international standard.

Qatar International Hotels

: Set of international standard hotels made under the guidelines of IJHM i.e. the International Journal for Hotel Management.


The article clearly defines the goal of the issue. This shows that the writer is pretty much clear about the content or the context of the text to be written. The article then follows a systematic approach of first introducing to the topic then understanding the methodology to follow and then analyzing different aspects of topic. Writer then asks a generic question to the user about the topic i.e. what are the emergent HR practices. Then he / she showed various schematic representations of the current trend the system followed by depiction in 5 different tables. Each table is analyzed and then final conclusion is made.

Relation to UAE

The article also explains about the future aspects of the topic. It represents the foresightedness of the author. The article is pretty much important for a person entering into the field of hospitality as a paper publishing industry. UAE is known for its hospitality industry as it is one of the tourism hubs of the world. There is very much relevance for any company of UAE which want to enter in this paper publishing industry related to hospitality. This shows that paper publishing is not an easy task but is controlled and governed by many HR practices that run underneath it. (Eme10)

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