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Essay: The Evolution of the Boeing Company: Products and Services Overview

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The Boeing Company, a forefront American aerospace manufacturer, continues to improve their products and services to keep up with today’s demands. Previously known as the Boeing Airplane Company, Weiss & Amir (2020) reflect that back in 1961, the firm shouldered the name Boeing “to reflect its expansion to fields beyond aircraft manufacture (Weiss & Amir, 2020).” Since then, Boeing has evolved into a world renowned aerospace company whose business is primarily composed of advanced aerospace, aviation, defense, and satellite technology. Their organization is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has branched out to over 64 office locations across 28 countries (Craft Co., 2020), thus making it the largest and leading aerospace company.
Boeing’s client field is sectioned into two divisions, commercial and government services. Commercial being operated by airlines and utilized to transport people and cargo, and government being military, hospital or law enforcement. The Boeing Company designs, manufactures, and sells commercial and military aircrafts, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems as well as performance-based logistics and training (The Boeing Company, n.d.). The products and services provided are tailored to meet the needs of the company’s assets. Their military standpoint is focused on the “design, manufacture, and support of fighter aircraft, bombers, transports, helicopters, and missiles (Weiss & Amir, 2020).” The Boeing company also closely monitors their plains throughout it’s whole lifeline, ensuring that it operates smoothly and effectively. Aside from the various products they offer, Boeing is also a service provider for aftermarket products.
They provide product support services through Boeing Global Services. It was created around the knowledge and experience they’ve acquired throughout their many years in the industry. In conjunction with Boeing Global Services, Boeing Capital Corporation was established as their wholly-owned subsidiary as well as their financial solutions provider. They focus on providing their clients leasing and asset-backed lending (The Boeing Company, n.d.). Not only will the company benefit from accrued interest, their financial assistance will undoubtedly assist their customers and portray the importance of their satisfaction. Commercial services were designed to operate at the highest level of efficiency, reliability and affordability (The Boeing Company, n.d.).
Due to the size and expansion of the Boeing Company as well as their various products and services, there are a few services that could potentially be implemented to increase customer satisfaction as well as introduce new products. The company must continue to keep safety it’s main goal. Dennis Muilenberg, chairman, president and CEO of Boeing shares that “the recent 737 MAX accidents will always weigh heavily on us” (Boeing Press Release, 2019). The accident of the 737 MAX has caused the company’s airplane business to decrease. CNBC & Reeder (2020) noted that it was a “stark example of just how much the 737 MAX crisis has hurt the company.”
Because the company holds the trust of their customers, passengers, as well as their brand as an aircraft organization, the company should completely discontinue the manufacture of the 737 MAX aircraft. Upon doing so, they can not only target and strengthen the flaw that caused the accident, but recreate its entirety to produce a completely new and improved product. Because the incident has sparked a lot of distrust towards the company, they should create a service specifically welded together to improve passenger safety and access, customer trust, customer reviews and feedback, access to FAA inspection reports as well as other safety reports. This will allow the company flexibility in regards to the demands and requirements as well as implementing new features, products, and advancements.
The Boeing Company continues to provide products and services while adapting to changes in demand, appearance, and safety features. Being a large organization, the company must be determined not only to produce new and improved products, but also go through stringent safety inspections to ensure and promote safety and reliability. To recommend an enhancement in safety, the company should use the 737 MAX accident as the key to further enhance their abilities and remain the world’s renowned leading aerospace manufacturer and distributor.

Absent marketing, many businesses would not exist because marketing is ultimately what drives sales (Gross, 2019). The Boeing Company, in its entirety, is a vast organization for many products and services. In order to maximize sales, there are a few social psychological processes that can be implemented into their marketing campaign. From the following implementations, we can expect more involvement with the community, their customers, as well as improvements in their production, implementation, and recreation.
Firstly, the company should strive to be more cohesive as a team. Each department head should implement a quarterly meeting in order to discuss sales, complaints, improvements, and advancements. Team building strategies should also be implemented in an attempt to get everyone engaged and involved. For example, they could coordinate activities during employee appreciation week or spirit week to have their employees interact with one another resulting in a bond that will ultimately improve how they function as a team. Teamwork fosters cooperation, broadens perspective, increases productivity, provides learning opportunities, and ultimately frames the company culture (Calin, 2018).
Secondly, Customer Relations should be strengthened to adapt to their demands. Customer reviews should remain open, appear on their webpage and reviewed religiously. Understanding the customer through active listening and open communication tells the customer a few things: you understand the customer’s concerns, that you consider it to be important and that you believe that they are important as your consumer. Active listening can improve the following aspects in an organization: customer loyalty and retention, as well as identify opportunities to upsell or cross-sell (Bernazzani, 2020). When customers feel important, they will be more likely to patronize the business.
The Boeing Company can also expand their marketing by implementing an SMS customer support center where a customer service representative is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns around the clock. Currently, the company does have a customer support center that works around the clock, however, upon reviewing their website and brochure, improvements must be made with regards to accessibility. In conjunction with this idea, the company should also implement an effortless way to purchase or request quotations for their products and services. By implementing these ideologies into their marketing plan, it’ll allow current as well as potential clients the ability to browse through all of their options as well as get clarification if needed.

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