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“Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite, transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes”{1} It is a parasitic infectious disease due to a parasite called Plasmodium organism, transmitted by mosquitoes .The name of disease comes from Italian word mal’aria, meaning “bad air.”{2} This parasite within the red blood cells in the human body and destroy it. The new malaria parasites are then released back into the bloodstream when they infect red blood cells and again begin to multiply.{3} Some malaria parasites, however, stay in the liver and are not released until later; resulting in recurrence. And are associated with a group of the most important symptoms of fever, anemia, and enlarged spleen.{1} It has been a discovery of the parasite cause malaria on November 6, 1880{1}. This disease is spreading in third world countries and is transmitted to children through more than one way. The most important mosquito which is often after heavy rains, especially in areas where there is no drainage healthy for rainwater and sewage.

There are about 20 different genera of Anopheles species that are important at the local level all over the world. It is worth mentioning that all the important races carrying the disease bites during the night. And multiply those races in the water and each has a favorite place for breeding; malaria epidemics can occur when helping climatic conditions and other circumstances, suddenly, the validity of the infection in areas where people did not have little immunity to the disease, or they do not have immunity to it at all.{4}{6} As such epidemics can occur when people move from low immune to areas where the disease intensifies into force and to look for work, or for the purposes of asylum, such as HIV and represent one of the other important factors that affect the validity of malaria, especially among adults in areas where the disease into force moderately or intensely. And formed a partial immunity as a result of exposure to the disease for years, however it does not offer full protection against the disease, it contributes to the reduction of the infection to the development of severe illness. Therefore, the most malaria deaths recorded in Africa occur among young children, while noting displays all age groups at risk in areas where at least the entry into force of the disease and reduced the proportion of HIV.

“Malaria is acute febrile diseases”.{5} Show symptoms, in people who have no immunity against it, after seven or more days (10 days to 15 days in most cases) of exposure to pregnant mosquitoes bite him. Symptoms may be fever; a headache, vomiting and shivering light may be difficult to be attributed to malaria.{6} And it can develop falciparum malaria, if not treated within 24 hours, to severe illness leading to death in many cases.{6} usually seen in adults also multiple members of their bodies exposed. , Partial immunity against the disease may seem in some people in areas where malaria is endemic, which explains the …

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