What are the Effect of Approved Budget on Procurement System of Maintenance Stock?

CHAPTER ONE “Battles are fought and decided by the Quartermasters before the actual shooting starts” 1.0. INTRODUCTION This chapter will include background of the problem, problem statement, research questions and objective of the study and significance of the study. It also shows how the study is organized. 1.1 Background Information Of The Problem The role … Read more

Asymmetrical warfare and International Humanitarian Law

Introduction The basic principle under International Humanitarian Law for regulation of methods of warfare acts as a restriction to the right of the parties to choose kinds of weaponry during war. The Hague Law is concerned with the limitations on methods of warfare. ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE Considering the aspects that form the bedrock of International Humanitarian … Read more

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a major part in modern warfare

Over the last few decades, many countries invested a significant portion of their budget to improve their Military. This comes as an aftermath of World War II, where countries thrived to show their dominance over other weak countries. The end of World War II increased the amount of research into weapons which improved the technological … Read more

Recommendation to National Security Council regarding military presence in Afghanistan

To: The National Security Council From: Mxxxxxxx, Policy Analyst at the Ford School Subject: Conflict in Afghanistan Date: 02/12/2019 ——————————————————————————————————————————- Introduction Twenty years after the 9/11 attacks, the United States (U.S.) remains heavily involved in securing Afghanistan. After spending a total of $1.07 trillion dollars on the conflict1, little progress has been made to reconstruct … Read more

Annotated Bibliography – is a bolt action rifle superior to a semi-automatic rifle?

Annotated Bibliography Thesis Statement: Research has shown that a bolt action rifle is superior to a semi-automatic rifle for precision long range shooting because of their dependability, accuracy, and simplicity of function. Reference Citation (APA style required) Irving, N. (2017, September 18). Sniper’s Choice | Bolt-action vs. Semi-auto precision rifles. Retrieved from https://loadoutroom.com/12939/snipers-choice-bolt-action-vs-semi-auto-precision-rifles/ Summary: create … Read more

What factors led to the end of the Cold War?

Introduction: There are several interpretations which explore the main reason for the end of the Cold War such as the Afghanistan War, Reagan’s Presidency, Gorbachev’s leadership, the economy and the independence of Eastern European countries. The main factor that led to the end of the Cold War was the debilitated relationship of the Soviet Union … Read more

Path of a soldier: joys and challenges

In The Safe Hand of Our Soldiers Soldiers are the great personality who dedicates their life for the welfare of the people. They serve for their country and they are considered the brave hearts of every nation. We all know that a soldier is a person who always concerned about his nation more than his … Read more

Integrated communication network for the armed forces

1. We are presently living in an era defined by many as the ‘information age’. Technology is all around us and in one form or another related to everything we do, with warfare being no different. Some describe the increasing role that technology plays in war as a technical revolution in military affairs that is … Read more