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Essay: Military Drafts

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  • Military Drafts
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Military drafts are great when it comes to having people in the military for the time when our country needs to be protected, or if one of our allies need help. But do we really need the draft? Just think about it. Our country hasn’t needed to use the draft since the Vietnam war, and the draft came to a close in 1973 as the Vietnam war ended. It has been nearly half a century, and the people that are currently in the military have done their part for our country. In the military right now, there are over 1.3 million people serving, with more in reserve. Is there a reason to have more troops? Also, when you think about it, the people would probably not support it. Now, let’s delve into this with more details, and we’ll see if your reasoning is still the same.

Since the Vietnam war happened, we have not held a required draft. The draft was shut down in 1973, and we have not held it for roughly around 46 years. That is nearly half a century! Many people believe there is a war to be happening soon, but when the military predicted a war, they were not right, which is a trend that has been happening for some time now. There is definitely a reason why the draft hasn’t been started up again. Come on, just think about it! Also, having a draft along with a military is also not as cost efficient. Although many reasons have been explained, it is time to explain some more.

The amount of people serving in the military right now runs at over 1 million, with many also kept in reserves. If a war does come up in the near future, we would probably not need a draft unless something unexpected happens, which we still have an that is trained well enough to go through quite a few things. Even though a draft can be useful, the United States army does not really need a draft currently. It is very likely likely that the cost and several other reasons would cause congress to put it down, even if many people are okay with having a draft again.

Even though quite a few people are thinking about having the draft again, also think about the side that would not go for having the draft. This includes people that have been in a war. Hearing stories and experiences that they have witnessed can really scare people, not to mention the worst case scenario where you lose your life. Think about what other people’s lives would be like if you were not there. The stories that can come from this are definitely not worth the fact that you can lose your life. Going back to the original point, what is the possibility of congress issuing the draft in a time where there are have plenty of soldiers that can be taken to war. Although there may be a time in the future where we will need the draft, the draft is probably not needed as of right now.

Some of our people in America are fighting for the draft, but why is that needed right now. The draft has not been held since 1973, and that is because we have not needed it since then. Also, the amount of people that we have positioned in the military, not to mention the people in reserves, is located at over one million, making it so we have plenty of military that can be used to fight. Now, going back to the start of this paragraph, there are plenty of people fighting for the draft, but what about the side that is not going for it? Congress will probably not go for it, and there is a side that is not going against it. So, what is your opinion on this subject?

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