Concept analysis of depression

Concept analysis is critical in yielding a conceptual framework of concept elements constituting a research question. One familiar concept that nurse researchers and clinicians are interested in is depression. This research paper makes a concept analysis of depression by presenting a conceptual definition of the concept, and identifying the criteria of the concept including its … Read more

Making a simple nursing decision within a complex case

This essay will focus on critically analysing a simple nursing decision affecting a complex case. Lilly will be at the core of the decision making process as the nursing decision that will be discussed is to insert a urinary catheter. The essay will assess the decision making process from a newly qualified nurse [NQN] perspective, … Read more

Quality assurance of patient safety within the health care system (hand hygiene)

Critically evaluate the role of quality assurance Quality assurance of patient safety within the health care system. Introduction Quality assurance (QA) is ‘a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility to ensure that standards of quality are being met’ (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2018). Within the … Read more

Leadership in Adult Nursing (reflective)

Introduction Leadership is a process which involves individual activity to state desire objective and vision in a situation, providing support and motivating other people to attend set goals (Swearingen, 2009). Danae et al. (2017) believe that leadership is broadly recognised as a key aspect of overall effective healthcare. Therefore, nurses require strong leadership skills to … Read more

Critically appraise two pieces of evidence relevant to the area of general practice nursing

Introduction This paper aims to critically appraise two pieces of evidence relevant to the area of general practice nursing. The CASP framework (Critical Appraisal Skill Programme 2018) was used to aid the critiquing and analysis of a systematic review and case-control study which focus on the effectiveness of yoga practice on the reduction of blood … Read more

Reflective nursing essay (Myocardial infarction admission)

INTRODUCTION This is a reflective essay based on the interaction between the nurse, client and their family from the point of encounter, rendering of nursing care and termination. The essay will focus on managing care from the perspective of clinical experience and reviewing this in relation to a literature review. It also includes recommendations for … Read more

Reflective essay: nursing process and how it was applied

Reflective Essay to Discuss the Nursing Process and how it was Applied in the Clinical Area in which I was Placed INTRODUCTION This is a reflective essay to demonstrate the nursing process and how it was applied in the clinical area in which I was placed. Atkinson et al (1983, p2) describes “The nursing process … Read more

Consent and its influence on Nursing Practice

This assignment will discuss consent and how it influences nursing practice in my area of study, which is adult nursing. According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct (NMC, 2008), states that healthcare professionals must presumed patients to have the mental capacity to accept or refuse treatment after being given information on their … Read more

Analysis of a Career in Pediatric Nursing

INTRODUCTION A career in paediatric nursing can be emotional, stressful, physically demanding, and one of the most rewarding jobs. Becoming a nurse is really taking a job in caring, even more so as a paediatric. These nurses take care of infants through childhood until their adolescents. In addition to that there are multiple issues and … Read more

Leadership in nursing (observation)

Leadership is important in any setting where people aim to be successful and productive in their work. In the setting of nursing, leadership is something that is required to be sure patients are receiving the best care possible, to ensure that no mistakes are being made, and to have proper delegation between hospital staff so … Read more

Nursing as a profession

Nursing is a field that has always been about caring for people and doing what’s right by the patient. Nursing’s ethical principles have remained a constant; to do for the good of the patient, to do no harm, to support a patient’s autonomy, and to be faithful, just, and truthful. These principles are the pillars … Read more

Reflection using Gibbs Reflective Cycle (nursing)

Description I undertook a full assessment on a patient with a sacral pressure sore. The patient had limited mobility, dementia and does not speak. I completed the assessment using observation as a primary source. The care assistants were reluctant to engage with the nursing process rendering some specific measurements as ineffectual compromising the eventual Waterlow … Read more

‘Generations’ – the four unique cohorts

The word generation refers to the grouping of individuals born around a span of 15-20 years that share similar life experiences (Stanley, 2010).  Currently, the nursing workforce is a diverse organization being comprised of four generational cohorts for the first time in history (Hahn, 2011).  The Veterans, the Baby Boomers, the Generation Xers, and the … Read more

Minimum Degree for Quality Nursing Education

Minimum Degree for Quality Nursing Education In the field of nursing, the educational background of the nurse is the foundation for solid, patient-driven decision making in a hospital setting. An Associate degree in nursing is certainly an accomplishment, but it is only the first, small step in gaining the necessary education to make the best … Read more

Future of the nursing profession

The nursing profession is one of the fastest growing fields in the health care industry today in USA, and even all over the world. Nursing practice has tremendously changed in the last decade and as a result, the need for changes in nursing practice is becoming more and more important. According to the institute of … Read more

Nursing; Roles and Responsibilities as a Nurse

Nursing; Roles and Responsibilities as a Nurse Nursing is an exciting and in demand profession, as a nurse you promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness. The attitude of a nurse has a huge impact on quality care for patients. What is Nursing?. Who is a Nurse?. What is expected of a … Read more

Training the Nurse Leaders of Tomorrow

​Leadership is an essential part of being a competent and professional nurse. The definition of ‘lead’ is “to guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc.” (, 2017). As a nurse leader, it is extremely important to have a good sense of leadership and to able to use it properly and professionally. Nurse leaders use their … Read more