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Surrealism is art that looks completely real. However, it makes no sense. An example is melting clocks in a desert, created by Salvador Dali. Surrealism comes in many forms such as painting, movies, sculpting, etc. Many poets also use surrealism. Surrealism is important in many ways. We do not notice, but surrealism art is part of our everyday lives.
There is a lot of history behind surrealism art. It all started with the Dada movement. The Dada movement was when artists expressed their disgust with war and just in general, life. Dadaism is another name for the Dada movement.There are many theories of how Dadaism got Dada as the name. One theory is that Romanian artists always said ‘Da, da’, in a sarcastic way. ‘Da’ in Romanian translates to ‘yes’ in English. Another theory is that a group of artists in Zurich wanted a new name for their movement, so they chose it randomly by stabbing a French dictionary with a paper knife, and chose the word on which the knife point landed on. Dada means ‘hobby horse’ in French. (Wikipedia)
Surrealism has evolved since the 1900s. Before 2000, surrealists only created art with physical tools. Now, almost everything is digital, and there are many online programs to create surrealism art. Anyone with a camera and a computer editing program can make surrealism. Surrealism is used everywhere in media, such as movies, TV shows, and commercials. For example, there is a Nissan commercial where while a car is cruising down the road, a pair of blue lips mouths words overhead. The reason surrealism is used in advertisements is because the product sells faster and easier. Surrealism is also used in music videos. MTV or similar stations often feature videos that show singers or dancers performing in front of backdrops such as Mars, the desert, underwater, or even in front of a clock! Other forms of surrealism are fountains ( for example, mermaids spouting out water), and statues (an example for this is a griffin statue). Anyone in the 21st century can become a surrealist. (Surrealism,
Technology tomorrow will be even more high tech and evolved. It already is today, so creating surrealism in the future will be much more easier if surrealism lives on. However, many artists believe that surrealism art will cease to exist after about 100 years. The reason for this is because not many people know what surrealism art is today, even though it exists right under their very noses. And even the people who do know about surrealism, 1 out of 10 people do not realize it exists in our everyday lives. But other artists think otherwise. According to Sabina Nore- a modern surrealist- these artists compare surrealism to the wheel. This comparison is because the wheel goes back thousands of years, but it doesn’t make it an artifact in our time. The wheel slowly became more modern over time, but it still exists. Artists use this example because surrealism has become more modern, and these artists say it will keep getting more modern, and it will never ‘fizz out’. Surrealism might, or might not, live on.
There is a reason surrealism was created. ‘Artists from the 1900s made surrealism a less violent and more artistically based Dada movement’, says the Art History Archive. However, there are also other reasons surrealism was made. French poet Andr?? Breton said surrealism was also created so artists can express themselves in a less violent way. Mythical creatures such as dragons or unicorns were created from surrealism. Dragons are used for when you are mad (this is why dragons can breathe fire), and unicorns are used for when you are feeling happy. Surrealism has an important reason for why it exists, and without surrealism, we would still be having wars over the littlest of things.

Surrealism art is important. Without surrealism, we would not be able to enjoy our favorite movies or have a picnic in front of a mermaid fountain. Based on the history of surrealism, surrealism art is our base for creating more commercials, movies, and more. However, the future of surrealism is also important. Surrealism art may evolve over time, but it may also disappear.

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