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Secondly, the Arts has such abilities to influence religious events. For instance, Islam and Hinduism very often use art in describing many religious events and prophecies. By using ornaments or pictures people can be more influenced or interested in certain beliefs. Therefore, after the fall of the Sasanian Empire, many pilgrims use religious tapestries or scrolls as one of many feasible means to introduce and spread the faith of Islam. (Ekhtiar and Moore 2012).

Additionally, it is also suggested that the Arts can promote to maintain one’s religiousness. For example, many art contributions were found in the liturgies of Eastern Orthodox and Catholic. It is common to note an immense number of liturgical writing, music, or statue in their practices. Bychkov (2010) also cited in his lecture that precisely both natural and artistic beauty are able to provoke “the sense of transcendence, or figure of some deeper or divine principles in the world.”

Nevertheless, the Arts also has the ability to threat religious view. Paglia (2003) stated that some conservative Christians condemn the modern popular culture which is suspected to be the seeds of immorality and insolent behaviour in younger generations. Thus, some of the specific strategies such as private faith-based academic institution are employed in order to protect children from secular influence or moral anomaly.

On top of that, the Beatles’ songs had risen some conflicts among priests and other religious leaders in the USA in the 60s. Their new album was assumed to be satanic and offense Christianity (Sullivan 1987).

In other words, this array of evidence suggests that the Arts can be deemed as a versatile means to influence any amendments in society.

The last reason whether the Arts have great potential in influencing social change concerns both personal and communal life.
According to Lindström (2014), contemporary art has an essential role in enhancing a social community. She describes that art, especially African mural art, in this case, act as a catalyst for positive social changes in Nima community in Ghana, Africa. A study was conducted by introducing and teaching mural art paintings to the younger generation in Nima community. The result, however, was satiable; by delving into their passion, many youths were encouraged to develop their talent, and this, by all means, keep them from rooming around the streets (ibid).
Even though the abovementioned research was done in a small group of community, it can be deemed as a clear representation of a broader level of community of the World.

As a matter of fact, the Arts also benefits from providing positive social behaviour. Statistics suggest that students who study art are more likely to actively volunteer or participate in social events. (Art Council of England 2014). In addition, cultural sustainability might be obtained through the Arts. A range of diverse style of art seems to be able to empower a social tension. In which case, tension is needed to keep a rich cultural society. (Read 1952, pp.114-121). It is cited in (ibid) that too much stability will lead to an apathetic and declining society.
Thus, the previous instances emphasise the potential of the Arts in manipulating society.

In conclusion, it is a fact that society cannot be detached from politics, religion, and community. The aforementioned arguments and examples indicate the absolute potential of the Arts in driving social change both in the past and in the future. In a broader view, it shows its ability to convey both benefits and drawbacks in those three aspects. In the small scope, it is highlighted all the valuable implications toward personal life in endeavouring the Arts. Thus, it is highly advisable for all citizens of the world to conserve and maintain the Arts and it is recommended that the government bestow both financial and non-financial support to the Arts.

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