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Essay: The ICT enabled service in the government for the benefit of the public

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The purpose of the e-government is to reduce costs for individuals and businesses to deal with government and reach out to a broader part of population and transform public administration from bureaucracy to service providing. According to the United Nations ‘the concept of connected government is derived from the whole-of-government approach which is increasingly looking towards technology as a strategic tool and as an enabler for public service innovation and productivity growth”[5]. The connected government serve as a platform to deploy applications that can help citizen to connect with the government and request or access services online.
The eGov2015 master plan’s vision is ‘To be a Collaborative Government that Co-creates and Connects with Our People’.[9] The aim of the Singapore government was to create a platform that would help Singapore government to collaborate with the citizens.
To make that happen, the government assured that the needed infrastructure are available for those who have access to ICT devices, depending on which one they have and for those who doesn’t have those devices, they put up citizen connect centers so that they can be able to access e-services. Also they provided some Platforms with variety of online channels where information is made available, mainly on website platforms. But with the raise of mobile phone, now the Government offers more than 300 mobile services on various platforms [9], from the latest smartphone applications to the simple SMS-based applications. The progress in mobile technology and the high penetration in Singapore today has been the best opportunities for the Government to provide innovative and engaging crowdsourcing tools through mobile applications that will help citizen to give feedback that may contribute in the improvement of their living and working environment quickly and suitably.
The impact of e-Gov the economic growth of the country
The foundation of e-Gov is the presence of ICT infrastructure. Those infrastructure doesn’t mean only to have physical facilities like cables giving access to the network, etc., instead it includes people development, policies and regulations and standards, encouraging private sector firms to create jobs and invest in applications and the physical facilities that compromise the infrastructure [10].
The National Information Technology plan (NITP) established a number of e-services that facilitated collaboration and provided value added to the stakeholders. One example is TradeNet[11] which enabled electronic exchange of structured document trading, shipping and freight forwarding community and various government agencies.
TradeNet was a successful national e-service that allowed trades and government department to exchange documents conveniently, and it had a big impact in the public administration as it was quoted in many publication as a successful application in Singapore saving about one billion USD [11].
Another example is e-citizen portal service, a customer service to provide access to government e-services, now has 70 topics that include articles and quick guides to government services, and links to 410 e-services offered by 61 agencies[12] [13]. As the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) said, they wanted to develop the E-government that enable citizens to ‘be involved, be empowered, and be a pacesetter'[14], and the e-citizen was one of the program that helped them to achieve that.
Another example is E-Participation is generally defined as ‘ICT supported participation in processes involved in government and governance’. Citizens can participate in government policy making via online social networking and other platforms where their views are sought. They can also contribute ideas and ways to improve service delivery through crowdsourcing platforms and events [9].

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