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• Evaluating an existing system

• Expert evaluation

• Field study

• Focus groups

• Getting started

• Heuristic evaluation

• Interviews

• Observation of users

• Parallel design • Participatory evaluation

• Paper prototyping

• Patterns

• Performance testing

• Planning usability

• Pleasure

• Post release testing

• Prototyping

• Questionnaires

• Rapid prototyping

• Remote testing

• Requirements meeting

• Scenarios of use

• Stakeholder meeting

• Storyboarding

• Style guides

• Subjective evaluation

• Surveys

• Task analysis

• Usability testing

• Use cases

• User satisfaction

• Wizard of OZ

(, 2015)

To narrow down the list and judge which methods would be more appropriate to be used by the developers, further selection had to be done. First some selection criteria were formed from the setting, I was working in:

• The methods were to be used under the more formative phases in the development. Hence, methods more suitable for the initial phase (e.g. user studies and surveys) and the more extensive evaluation phase (e.g. usability evaluations and expert reviews) were not selected .

• The methods should be fairly easy to lean, plan, conduct and analyze, since non experts are to perform them.

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Furthermore, the collaborating companies had some wishes and requests for the methods. The methods should:

• Enabling the developers to perform delimited formative testing (Radiometer and SenDx)

• Enabling the developers to get to know the end-users (Radiometer)

• Feed directly into the development process (Radiometer and SenSx)

• Provide a simple way to gather insights of user behavior (Radiometer, SenDx and TC Electronic)

• Fit into the companies agile development process (Radiometer, SenDx and TC Electronic)

From these selection criteria a short list of the potential suitable methods were made:

• Observations

• AB-testing

• Different lightweight methods such as:

o Instant Data Analysis (IDA) (Kjeldskov et al., 2004)

o Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation (RITE) (Medlock et al., 2002)

• Heuristic Evaluation (Nielsen and Molich, 1990)

• Cognitive walkthrough (Polson et al., 1992)

• Think aloud test (Lewis, 1982)

• Focus groups (Krueger and Casey, 2001)

Due to the duration of the PhD study, three methods were selected in consultation with the companies. The methods were:

• Focus group technique, modified by (Øvad and Larsen, 2014). This is denoted Focused Workshop. For details see Contribution X and Y.

• Comparative usability testing, modified by (Øvad et al., 2015). This is denoted AB-testing. For details see Contribution X and Y.

• Contextual Inquiry as described by (Beyer and Holtzblatt, 1997; Holtzblatt et al., 2005) and modified by (Øvad and Larsen, 2016). This is denoted Contextual Interview. For details see Contribution X and Y.

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