Contrasting evil in Beowulf, Frankenstein, Paradise Lost & The Shining

If evil is to be defined as ‘profound immorality and wickedness, especially when regarded as a supernatural force’, this question is a complex one in three of the texts I have chosen to study. The antagonists in ‘The Shining’, ‘Frankenstein’, and ‘Paradise Lost – Books I & II‘ both demonstrate varying degrees of moral ambiguity; … Read more

The Importance of Cultural Understanding for Brands

 Throughout his existence, an individual will be influenced by his family, his friends, his cultural environment or society that will “teach” him values, preferences as well as common behaviors to their own culture. For a brand, it is important to understand and take into account the cultural factors inherent to each market or to … Read more

Work Schedule (Job Design and Work Measurement Strategy)

 Work Schedule (Job Design and Work Measurement Strategy) Three distinct decisions areas of human resource strategy is labour planning, job design and labour standard. Labour planning is determine staffing policies that deal with employment stability, work schedule and work rules. Chop Chuan Guan follows the policy of hold employment constant for dealing with stability … Read more

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: An Overview

 1. Introduction According to Goleman and Nevarez (2018, p.2), Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) becomes increasingly important in the day-to-day business in leadership roles. Therefore, this report will define Emotional Intelligence and will outline the necessary behavioural attributes to be a successful leader. The Economic Times (2018) defines, that "Emotional intelligence refers … Read more

Complete BIM Services for the Building Industry: International Architecture and Engineering Firms

 Complete BIM Services for the Building Industry For International Architecture and Engineering firms Computer aided design to BIM transformation Existing condition displaying from CAD, pdf or laser examines BIM displaying of Architecture, Structure, and MEP frameworks Conflict location and announcing Virtual Design Coordination with experts DD, CD drawing generation from BIM BIM Analytics and … Read more

Equality in American Literature: Phillis Wheatley and Benjamin Franklin’s Views on Race and Opportunity

 “Equality in American literature”; A recurring theme very evident throughout American Literature was equality. Equality between races seemed to be a topic that was so widely debated by many. Former slave Phillis Wheatley used her poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America” to describe her life as she was brought from Africa to … Read more

Best Investments in the Global Economy: Automotive and Shipping Industries

 Intro In the global economy there are several attractive growing industries that should be considered for investment. Among these are the auto, shipping, airline, and utility. Most industries are affected by global economic growth and are seeing a recent increase. Each industry has unique qualities that separate themselves. Shipping The shipping industry is one … Read more

Why use sample essays?

Looking at sample essays can be an excellent way for students to improve their own essay writing. By studying well-crafted essays, students can learn important lessons about structure, style, and content. According to research, learning through example is a highly effective way to improve writing skills.

One study by the National Writing Project found that students who read and analyzed examples of strong writing were more likely to produce high-quality writing themselves. The study showed that students who analyzed the structure, style, and content of good writing were better able to incorporate those elements into their own writing. Similarly, a study published in the Journal of Writing Research found that reading well-crafted essays can improve students’ writing skills, particularly their ability to write persuasive and coherent arguments.

When students read sample essays, they are able to see how successful writers structure their arguments and use evidence to support their claims. They can learn how to craft effective introductions and conclusions, and how to develop a clear thesis statement. By analyzing the writing techniques used in these essays, students can also learn how to improve their own sentence structure and word choice.

In addition to improving writing skills, looking at sample essays can also help students expand their knowledge on a particular topic. By reading essays on a variety of subjects, students can learn about new ideas and perspectives that they may not have encountered otherwise. This can help them develop a more nuanced and informed approach to their own writing.

It is important to note that simply reading sample essays is not enough to improve writing skills. Students must also analyze and deconstruct the essays in order to understand the techniques used by the writer. They must ask themselves why the writer made certain choices, and how those choices contributed to the overall effectiveness of the essay. By doing so, students can apply those techniques to their own writing and improve their own skills.

Overall, looking at sample essays is a highly effective way for students to improve their own essay writing. By studying well-crafted essays, students can learn important lessons about structure, style, and content, and develop a more nuanced and informed approach to their own writing. As one study concluded, “reading and analyzing examples of strong writing is a valuable tool for improving writing skills.”