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Essay: Mercedes-Benz GLC Review: Features, Engine and Security

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Mercedes-Benz Australia has been waiting for the glc for many years. Before the model in this category, with glk tag, not equipped with the steering wheel on our side so unable to import. Now, the local importers finally in the most intense fighting all the breakdown of the market in Australia of a rival, that high-End Medium-sized SUV.

You want to know the circumstances, the new Mercedes Benz Model Numbering System Instructions of the first two letters of body type, and in the last letter category. Therefore," GL " means that it is a SUV, and the " C " means it's a class c, model. (in order to increase the chaos Mercedes is known as the development of a glc coupe to a completely different after the end).

We just review this new model twice the fun. For our first week of testing 64,500 $$ MERCEDES BENZ GLC 220 d diesel 19 inch wheels, keyless entry and start, electricity the seatback in front of the door, electric tail, as well as led smart lighting. Give it up after the closure, we pick up the $$ 67900 turbo petrol. This is really loaded with standard gear: these vehicles have 20 inch wheels, Keyless Entry Kit, leather seats, privacy glass and driving auxiliary Suit upgraded version, more on the latter in the present review our safety chain.


The largest in the centre of the "Three-Star" badge. One of the radical front leave absolutely no doubt what you driving. The body shape of the remaining part is neat, but tend to focus on the actual look – in advance – my characteristics.


Our cars are equipped with Mercedes comand system, including the voice input satellite navigation, can also use reasonable intuitive touch panels. Audio System has 13 speakers burmester surround. With the connectivity equipment wlan network connectivity.


Mercedes-Benz C-class suv in that version, GLC SERIES THREE MODEL, the two men carrying a 2.1 litre turbo diesel engine, third is 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine.

The 220 d drove us out to 125 kw of power and torque of 400 NM. Mercedes Glc 250 2.0 litres of petrol from just under 1200 RPM TORQUE 155 kw and 350 NM. It has accelerated from static glc to 100 km / h takes only 7.3 seconds.

Rear seats have good leg space, can be used to cope with three adults.

There is also a 2.1 litre turbo diesel engine, the dynamic of the song to 150 kw and 500 cattle meters, we also did not have the opportunity to test these a week yet.


Driving Auxiliary suit upgraded version, there is a shift to help advance the security brake, and security and in addition, the traffic at the intersection of píng jiāo auxiliary, active blind spot auxiliary and proactive lane keep supportive distronic plus cruise control system.

9 airbags are equipped with the circumstances, all electronic anti-collision system still can't handle the situation.


Mercedes-Benz Glc is real block. There are two front row seats good space and provided support is good but not aggressive. Rear seats have good leg space, can be used to cope with three adults, while the second in the middle of a child of a more meaningful long-distance travel.

Lead space is excellent, and with each other across the room is shaped easy loading. As in any fashion SUV, or for the matter of the motor home, after the manner of the gradient window limits can be loaded back to the big box of size.

Control will be immediately familiar Mercedes owners, they have retained the appreciation of the decades of simplicity and common sense of the layout. Similarly, the instrumentation is tidy and its information quickly, readability strong.

In the lineup on the aircraft used "’★’ display, show that significant amount of information. Provided, in other words, you're not polaroids sunglasses increase driving safety, because I do, in such cases, the rise is all cannot see. I hope that the decision makers will address the issue of long-term, it certainly does not just Mercedes.

At Night, by transparent glass replaced sunnies "’★’ display undoubtedly shows it can provide to the smallest details of the distraction to drivers do.

The Glc Platoon in four-Wheel-drive, not merely the SUV, the lower end of the game.

Steel Spring and biàn zǔ Nigeria system is standard, but provided the merc glc multi-room air suspension options and electronic control, Continuous Adjustable damping. This body control suspension travelling further enhanced stability. Through this can reach 50 mm trigger body and provide a variety of fine-tuning. Asphalt it in turn reduces the rolling and also provide an automatic transfer ping. Even lower body more easily handling.

Mercedes Benz Glc can also, if you tell me, who is in it to the design of the conditions for the use of the SUV. A limited number of equipped with cross country engineering components. In fact, it's in four-Wheel-Drive SUV, not only the lower end of the scene for.

Cross country engineering components have five projects. 'slippery' four cross country show moderate mountain terrain, such as gravel or sand or orbit. "Tilt" aids climbing up the steep slope or long-term, slow to extend on the hill. It even has driven them to raise the level of 50 mm, the wheel slipped control threshold has increased "swing to assist" programme in order to enable the glc do the best it can work way free of charge, if you really into strife.

Another cross country procedures," Trailer " is exclusively for the tractor to facilitate cross-Country, in the wet grass, or move through the ice and snow. The Software Package also includes a gemtex ride back under this pressure, the need to contact the heavy ground. Currently maintained at steep downhill towards the preset speed downhill speed adjustment.

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