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Essay: Tasty Catering: A Family-Owned Business Incubating Young Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Now in the present time running a business can be very challenging, and it takes firmness and hard work to achieve a high level of success (R Eugene Klippel, 1974). Opening a small business is without a doubt a great responsibility, but it is fortunately something that can be accomplished by anybody with a good set of resources, good idea, and a strong work ethic (R Eugene Klippel, 1974). It is involves view of a business concept, writing a business plan, accepting the financial side, and finally lunching and marketing. I am going to tell you about a small company Tasty Catering in our town. In 1984 the company Tasty Catering founded by Tom Walter and currently with 54 employees. The company remains family owned and operated, offering event planning and catering solutions to Chicago area corporations. Tasty Catering famous for its work with high-quality food, excellent service and value pricing. Tasty Catering sees its reliable employee base with regular tenure of more than 6 years as secret to its success.

Tasty Catering began playing the Great Game of Business, an open-book managing tool that mainly involves employees in rewards and cost-cutting them with bonuses when their valuable ideas work (Morgan J P & Reck B H, 2007). Company’s employees participate in practically all main decisions, including those involving company health care policy and business structure. The company supports a consumer spirit among employees. Anyone with a unique idea for a new business can propose it to company management, and if the idea flies, the company provides several forms of support (Morgan J P & Reck B H, 2007). Presently, an employee wanted to make an environmentally responsive gift-basket company. For this idea Tasty Catering support with the business plan and provided the financial support. It now runs out of Tasty Catering's amenities as a sister business. In Tasty Catering every employees is expected to evenly offer ideas on improving competence, putting a some dollar amount on how much the thoughts will save the company and raise the importance of everyone's shares.

Tasty Catering started in 2005, when Chief Executive Officer Tom Walter, who manages the company with his two brothers Kevin and Larry. For the last six years, Illinois-based Tasty Catering Company has undergone a reform that not only keeps it from closing its doors, but also twisted the company into a local incubator for young small entrepreneurs. Tasty Catering, an event planning services company and suburban Chicago-based corporate catering, has been running the catering requirement for such organization and Chicago area corporations for more than twenty years. Famous for its commitment to quality and consideration to detail, company is built upon the single idea of providing its customers with excellent service and quality. Tasty Catering customers include University of Chicago, Abbott, Mortenson Construction, CDW, Sherman Hospital, American Airlines, Harris Bank, Navistar, and RSM McGladrey. Lastly Tom Walter, founder of Tasty Catering outlines the secret of testy caterings success. Tom explained that the ‘human capital” of the company is the most important part for the company’s success.  

When you come to Tasty Caterings success there are lot of things had to come together, and one of good things is a strong business culture exceptional to the people in that special Chicago location. Another secret of Tasty Catering’s success lies in the individual excellence and idea, company’s culture, aligned around a common aim of customer happiness. The brothers cherish this culture daily through their good behavior and the business rehearsal they’ve instituted. Well presentation, great-tasting food, and service make the company look really great in the eyes of employees and customers. Next the reasonable price also makes Tasty Catering look smart. Business processes and information systems help the company’s operations run efficiently.   

The challenges faced Tasty catering in terms of competition is its brand, cost, lean budget. Company’s brand was old and obsolete, and it no longer made significance for their evolved capabilities, skills, and the types of experiences they serviced. Tasty catering needed an entire brand renovate or article brand a new website and totally new collateral to make sure that the new brand reflection stuck. Another challenge is lean budgets; the high increase in taxes has made managing catering businesses very costly. The cost of paying staff and obtaining requisite materials is growing higher by day to day, and adhering to government rules and regulations is challenging (DuMouchel W & Jones B, 2010). In present business environment older technology is being phased out very fast and the world is fast evolving. Catering businesses have no time or little time to adjust to these skills and changes make a good profit. There is continuous pressure for Tasty catering to offer new ways of doing new things as opposed to the traditional ways. Also it is very costly to ensure employees are well trained and break into new technology. When customer engages catering services, they often bargain limited funds to cover all the operating cost. This leaves the company with little kind of choices to make the best event for the customer. Thus, Tasty catering is continuously faced with the new challenge of changing their normal type of operation to fit into the small budgets, often with indigent results. A tighter budget bound most chances of imagination (DuMouchel W & Jones B, 2010).

Globalization has made speed, competence, and suppleness necessities for catering companies looking to stay profitable and flourish in the 21st century. A common denominator in all those distinctiveness is quality communication, which is becoming more and more difficult (Pavesic David V & Magnant Paul F, 2004). This research paper has examined wide range of communication challenges that employees faced Tasty Catering’s working environment. Misunderstanding arising from inappropriate verbal communication for example, where employees within a personnel work  environment do not use suitable verbal cues such as, asking feedback and speaking clearly, then customer may not understand what is exactly required and hence perform improperly. Thus, it is essential that

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