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Essay: Are vaccines bad?

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Can you believe that something that is supposed to protect you from diseases can contain harmful substances? Well although vaccines do contain harmful substances they have the right amount of it so they it won’t be so harmful Many people believe vaccines are a really bad thing and that they just cause other horrible things. People that believe vaccines are bad they have good points but their points aren’t usually backed up. Doctors say that people should alway get their vaccines but some of the people disagree and don’t get vaccines which put other people in danger. Doctors are more educated than the people that disagree with them so there’s no point trying to fight against vaccines.

The main reason why people believe vaccines are so bad is because what goes in to make them. Mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde are three major concerns for people. If someone is exposed to high levels of mercury it can cause a lot of bad things like damage to the brain. There have been cases of people going to get a vaccine then after they are even sicker but there was no proof that the vaccines did that. People also believe that vaccines cause harmful side effects because of the numerous cases of people getting measles, autism or allergic reactions after getting a vaccine but again there was no proof or study that it was the vaccines that caused it people just assume it is because it happened days after getting a vaccine. People also say that there hasn’t been enough research to prove that vaccines are safe but the problem with that is that there has been research and a lot of it. Although there has been research people still don’t believe in it and they think that the research is a lie. People endanger other people when they decide not to get vaccinated because then they can spread viruses and end up infecting the world. People also say that vaccines are just a way of earning money but they do work.

Vaccines have been very useful to us, before we ever had vaccines measles were around and it was killing many people. When vaccines came around the deaths started to lower and people weren’t getting as sick as they used to. Vaccines has really helped humans with different diseases if no one ever got vaccinated everyone would be sick. Vaccines have been proven to work by many different reliable sources and incidents. Like when polio was around there were around 50,000 cases in the United States but when vaccines were introduced than number dropped drastically. Some people may ask why get vaccines for diseases that aren’t that common as they used to be but it’s always best to get vaccines for any diseases no matter if it uncommon, it will prevent it from coming back. There are way more cases of vaccines helping than it cause side effects.

There are many reasons why people should get vaccinated. It keeps people safe and healthy life before vaccines was horrible everyone would be getting sick left and right. Some people say why get vaccines at such a young age but they don’t know that the younger they get vaccinated the better off they will be in the future vaccines are very cheap and affordable so almost anyone could get vaccinated. Vaccines has helped us with many diseases. If more and more people stop getting vaccinated it might cause for an outbreak that’s why it’s better to get vaccinated. There have been many cases of kids that are vaccinated getting sick of something they got vaccinated for because their classmates weren’t vaccinated

Many people have their own opinions about vaccines many think it might be a bad thing and others believe it’s a great thing. People like Jenny McCarthy’s son which allegedly got autism after getting vaccinated is one of the cases connecting vaccines with autism. Although they think it’s bad vaccines have also helped us out a lot with dealing with diseases.

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