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Essay: Attitudes and choices in old age

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There is no specific age for defining old age. In many developed countries such as the U.S the age of 65 is often marked as the start of old age. However, from my point of view this is just an historical that has no basis in biological and social theory. The definition of old age can be based on time, body changes and people’s actions and feelings. Although this is the case, there is no specific no specific definition of old age; it depends on your own attitudes and choices.
I will retire at the age of 65 but it does not mean that I will quite an active activity. At this age many people prefer quitting employment and dedicate their time to some less involving activities such as social engagements especially with family and friends. However, based on my current lifestyle, I suppose that I will still have enough mental or physical power required for starting and running a business venture. My prediction is based on current health and life style. I value healthy lifestyle thus I often do physical exercises and check my diet. Many health problems experienced in old age can only be traced back to past healthy choices. For example, people are who consume more calories and do little exercise will experience healthy complications at old age. Early diagnosis and treatment of ailments will be strong factor that influence future health thus my current philosophy on health is that get tested and treat it before it worsens. It is important to note that good health affects how you relate with others in the environment. In this regard, being health will foster healthy social relations hence making one to be happy. Therefore, staying healthy will be most important concern when I am 65.
Social interactions will be also valuable to me at the age 65. It is important to note that happiness have a positive correlations with the environment. If a person if socially detached from the environment then the risk of developing stress and depressions will increase. We need people around us so that we can share our worries and happy moments. This is fact that will not change even at old age. We are social beings and therefore we find our identity and true meaning life when we interact with the environment. In other words, we are socialized to relate with one another. The most important people to interact with at old age is your family and friends. Human beings find security in the society and their close relatives. These are people whom to love they will do anything to makes sure that you are happy.
Community work and travelling will also be an important aspect of my life when I am 65. In my view, at 65 I will have enough income necessary for participating in community activities and visit new places around the world. I believe that these activities will lead to more social networks thus making life interesting. In addition, it is way of discovering one’s identity. No one can be defined by a single identity but multiple identities that are discovered throughout one’s life time as such. An individual can understand his or her identity even in old age. In my opinion, discovering the self is more about exploring the social environment. Put in another way, self is rooted in the social environment hence by interacting and doing interesting things then one can easily discover his or her identity. For example, an individual can discover his abilities by interacting playing an active role in community activities. Notably, these are activities that demand social skills thus relating with others is paramount. Learning is a continuous process that is consistent at any age. Travelling to new places will expose me to new cultures and other interesting things about life.
Religion will be also important for me at 65. Religion is one of the social institutions and pillar of any society. Being a spiritual being has been part of my culture and thus it will more important that old age. By participating in religious activities one can get social support outside the home setting. This is vital because it enhances both physical and mental wellbeing. It is also important to point out that people often make choices about certain way of living but they find it difficult to follow. However, religious groups offer encouragement which is enables one to stay focused. For example, though religious social support, a person will get guidance on how to live healthy and adhere to medication. At 65 O think I will fully understand my mortality. In my view, it takes more years for any one to understand that life is not therefore and death is real. This may not be reality for many people at younger age. At old age it is fact that only finds meaning in religious beliefs. Religion is will enable me to make a transition from the mortal life to other world. Instinctively there will no human who will encourage you to move to move to the next world after death but the divine. At old I will be looking back at what I achieved and failed. I will also contemplate on how my family will be like when I am gone. I will also seek deep meaning of life; this answer is rooted in religion.
At 65 I will define my self just as a 50 year old or even younger. Many people argue that a 65 year old cannot feel young any more but form my own point of view being young relative and it depends on your attitudes. If an individual considers herself old then she will be old both in actions and thoughts. These perceptions can determine who relate with at old age. People who feel that they are old will then to focus on limited social interactions. In this regard they relate mostly with people of the same age group. Life can be more interesting if your social network goes beyond age. For example, the memories of younger age become more clearly when elderly interacts with younger people. It is important to note that as human we are also curious to learn therefore comparing the current lifestyle of young with that of your generations is an intriguing experience.
At 65 I will be financially stable and perfect time for reflecting on your achievements. Gaining income is long term process thereby I will have accumulated enough material possessions. For example, at this age I will have bought my dream house. I will not be worrying about money since I have enough for enjoying life with friends and family. At the time I will use part of accumulated wealthy to give back to the society. In my view life is about working hard to achieve success. However, many people have no idea on how to life a more satisfying life after that. Some life in seclusion thinking that wealth will give them happiness. Although success demands individual efforts, it lacks meaning if do not share it with people around us. This is means that happiness is not defined from monetary perspective. You can have money but life unsatisfactory life. Therefore in my old I will be actively involved in charity. Old age is the appropriate time to assess your life expectations. From a younger we often set goals about life. Therefore, at 65 I will be judging my expectations against my achievements. However, this is not the time for regrets but for celebrating achievements and accepting failures.
In conclusion, old age cannot be defined by number but it depends on you attitudes and actions. Many people retire at this age but in my case I will be actively involved business ventures and other family obligations. In addition, social interactions within the community will be also important since they are offer necessary support required for healthy living. Religion is another important aspect of old age it prepares a person to accept mortality and transit to the next the world. Although many argue that old age starts at 65, I contest this because by that age I will be just as young as 50 year old. My deeds will be reflecting the behaviors of a 50 year old.

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